Styles of decoration to renovate your house

The arrival of spring is always synonymous with joy. One that, moreover, is reflected in the house and in that vital need to renew it. Something for which you only need to take a look at the different styles of decoration to find the inspiration we need.

Let’s not get confused: renewing the atmosphere of our house does not mean changing it completely. It only means changing accessories to achieve a different atmosphere. And sometimes it’s as simple as betting on small details.

The lovers of decoration styles know that the natural is imposed in spring. We seek to feel that nature that we have not been able to enjoy in the cold months. We even want our space to breathe two of the key ingredients of this season: joy and ease. An atmosphere that allows us to relax and simply enjoy the good weather.

As a rule, spring decoration styles seek to fill our space with light. And not only because white is one of the main colours of the palettes. It’s not just a question of colour. Prints, accessories and artificial flowers are combined to fill any room with freshness. These are real allies to achieve a great result with little.


There are few things that define as much who we are as the personality we give to our space. A place where we embody our style with every detail. The choice of colours, the special inclination towards one of the decoration styles or even our vital philosophy will inevitably mark the decoration of our house in spring. Therefore, nothing like knowing the trends of this year to awaken our own creativity.

But let’s not lose sight of another important aspect. In addition to being governed by different styles of decoration, there is another indispensable element to feel the spring. Naturally, we refer to the presence of plants. To that point of nature that, perhaps, during the winter we have not been able to enjoy so much; and that, in this season, allows us to fill any space with life with its mere presence.

Although we bet to decorate with artificial flowers, it is not superfluous to include some plant in the space. And no: the excuse of having a bad hand with plants is no longer valid, because it is only necessary to know plants that are easy to take care of in order to enjoy them.

So, let’s look at three styles of decoration that are imposed this year. Three different ways of interpreting the space inside or outside the house to renovate it in this season. And enjoy it, which is what it’s all about.

Healthy life, one of the freshest decoration styles

We said before that white is one of the star colors of spring. And it is in this collection where it puts all that light characteristic of sunny days. It is accompanied by green in different shades, from mint to olive; honey and yellow as decorative signs of a collection ideal for both outdoor and indoor.

A perfect palette of tones to bring joy to any table, space or corner that gains whole with the presence of two others: linen tone and cement color.

Naturalness is one of the keys to this style of decoration. Something that can be captured not only through accessories such as bees, which are also captured in crockery, or garden dolls.

Selection of materials that make up the collection:

  • Wood becomes the protagonist of lanterns, under plates and fruit boxes.
  • The wicker puts its rustic touch in baskets and little houses that simulate bee panels.
  • And the glass, in the colours of the collection, is the final touch that will round off the whole.

Textiles deserve a separate chapter. Some in natural fibres which, above all, provide the light and colourful texture so typical of spring fabrics.

An irresistible style for those who love simplicity, not without elegance!

Tropic, for lovers of oriental inspiration

It is perhaps, one of the most demanded decoration styles by those who want to add a modern and natural touch to their space. Asia and its characteristic nuances fit right into this collection. One in which the explosive color and the most exotic nature have an absolute protagonism.

Just take a look at the palette of tones of these styles of decoration: emerald, magenta and old gold. An ideal combination to fill any space with personality and joy. But not only that: this trio of aces will allow us to create an authentic oasis of exoticism even in full asphalt.

In the line of what these styles of decoration want to transmit, all their range of accessories. Some in which the colours mentioned are characteristic and set the tone of the whole. When it comes to plants, whether natural or artificial, the most intense green reigns. Thus leaves of monstera, areca and kentia are combined with the delicacy of orchids. An ideal game of opposites to achieve the tropical balance we seek.

But it’s not the only thing you can breathe. Because accessories also put your personal accent. From water fountains to recreate the Asian environment, Buddha heads or tropical birds; to tableware with ethnic touches or furniture made of bamboo and exotic wood.

It is in your hands, with little or much, to create your own oasis.

Wild, ideal for creating a natural environment

And we left for the end one of the styles of decoration that is always trend. The collection recovers that romantic touch of feminine and Provencal inspiration, ideal to make the interior of our house a kinder place. A collection in which pink, mauve and broken white combine with mint and water green to generate a cozy and super pleasant atmosphere.

In it, the flower is the protagonist. But not just any flower. Lilac, wisteria, iris and peony combine, both natural and artificial, to create a unique and highly luminous environment. Their presence is not only physical: it is also reflected in textiles and even crockery. A way of being able to express the personality of one of the classic styles of decoration with renewed actuality.

Natural Spring Decoration Styles

Again, the materials put your grain of sand to the ensemble. Thus, white wood and painted wicker are the perfect companions for a staging in which nature is the protagonist.

A collection that seduces with its sweetness and naturalness!

Three different styles of decoration to dress your house or garden as you prefer. Three personal and unique ways to make a space one that, with the arrival of spring, dresses up. There is no better scenario to live it.

Kenneth C. Silver

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