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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to install domotics at home without doing any work? The answer is yes! And it’s simpler than it seems.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word domotics a thousand times, but in case it’s not completely clear yet, we’ll explain it to you in a moment. The term domotics literally means automatic house. It comes from the cohesion of the word domus, in Latin ‘casa’, and tica, in Greek ‘autom├ítica’.

Domestic domotics is a new way of understanding the world. And although with this word, some people imagine that their house is going to fly suddenly, it means a tremendous advance to make us a simpler life, taking advantage of natural resources and saving energy through a tube.

Why install home automation?

There are always two kinds of reactions to a change: There is the person who takes it as an opportunity to discover and know a new way of understanding reality and the person who is skeptical of any kind of transformation in his life, whether out of fear or laziness.

That is why when we talk about installing home automation, some people feel rejected because they think that this type of technology will make us more useless and more lazy. But they can’t imagine what a change this is for humanity. Home automation allows us to reduce energy consumption, taking advantage of natural resources, which means reducing the environmental impact.

Is making my home a Smart home good for the environment? Yes, it is. Because automating your home means installing systems such as the air conditioning of your home, which gives you the opportunity to regulate the temperature of your home according to the needs of each room at every moment of the day.

It is also possible to program the doors and blinds so that they take advantage of sunlight and open more or less depending on the time of day. There are many occasions in which we forget to raise the blinds by mistake and we make a waste of energy that we could save.

Is it possible to install domotics at home without doing any work?

Yes, we’ve told you before. Installing home automation is becoming simpler (and cheaper). There is a characteristic feature very common in all human beings: the fear of change. For this reason, sometimes the most advanced technologies create a little rejection. We are lazy by nature and experiment according to which things still causes suspicion.

Some people are reluctant to install home automation because of the hassle. Reforms, turning the house upside down, spending a lot of money.

You don’t need the wiring

It is very common to hear that to install home automation you need meters and meters of cable. If you don’t want to, that doesn’t have to be the case. It is true that, like everything else, you can automate your home in various ways and you can also do works if you feel like it. But we are going to explain how you can do it without moving a single brick.

You can perform a wireless installation. The great advantage of this option is that you can do it on several scales. Your house doesn’t have to be suddenly a giant robot, you can go little by little and try different domotic systems that regulate different aspects of your home.

To install domotics in your home without building works you only need one thing: Wifi. Sound familiar? Yes, yes, it’s as simple as it seems. Motoring some points of your home, such as blinds, and downloading some applications for your Tablet or mobile, you can already use these systems from any of the devices mentioned.

You don’t need professionals

You can do it yourself! Unlike any other type of installation in your home, to install home automation you do not need great professionals or tools complicated to use.

It is not necessary that you have too much knowledge about electronics, it is all quite intuitive. And if you have any doubts, you can always ask an expert for help, but we guarantee that this is rarely necessary.

It’s not expensive

To install domotics at home, unlike what many people think, is not excessively expensive. The final price of automating your home depends on many factors, such as the size of it. It is not the same to install domotic systems in a home of 90m2 than in one of 500m2.

Do you think it’s expensive? Keep in mind that sometimes it is necessary to invest at the beginning to be able to save. This is what happens when you dare to install home automation, which begins to see improvements in your bills at the end of the month because the energy savings you get is important.

Some domotic systems that will improve your day to day

There are different types of applications depending on what you want to improve in your home. If you are more concerned about security, for example, you can install several systems in your home that allow you to live more relaxed:

  • Security alarms

They have been integrated into the homes of millions of families for many years now. They work by means of sensors that are installed in several points of the house and that are connected to an Alarm Reception Centre.

These sensors, in the event of an intrusion signal to the home, notify the Alarm Reception Centre. A specialist perceives the signal, contacts the owners of the house to contrast the information and later communicates it to the police.

  • Control of household appliances

If you’re a parent and you’re at the stage where your children are starting to stay home alone, this is a measure that will be great for you to live quietly. How many times have you been overwhelmed by the fact that one of your children has not properly turned off an appliance? Well, that’s it forever!

If, in addition to safety, you are more concerned about saving money and energy, we list some of the systems that will make your day-to-day life easier:

  • Climate control

Did you know that the air conditioning of a house depends a lot on several factors? Most of the time we have the heating or air conditioning on with an unsuitable temperature and too long.

With this type of system, the temperature is automatically regulated taking into account the time of day, the current climatological circumstances, the number of people in each room at any given time, etc.

  • Automate the switching off of the lights

Light it happens the same thing that with the air conditioning of the home. Without realizing it and most of the time by mistake, we have turned on the lights at times when it is not necessary. With the automation of the turning off of lights we solve this problem and we take advantage of the hours of sun that we have.

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