Furnish the Garden

How many times have you wondered how much you would like to furnish the garden of the house to improve the outside? Not only to perfect the aesthetics of your home but also to be able to make full use of the outdoor space during the summer, perhaps to make a barbecue with friends or simply to spend a few hours in your beloved garden in complete relaxation.

We bet that if you’ve come this far it’s because you’ve had this idea in your head for a while now but you still don’t have clear ideas on how to proceed and on which products to orient yourself. will give you some practical advice suggesting some specific products for ‘garden furniture in order to fulfill your dream of finally having a functional and aesthetically appealing green space.

What is meant by garden furniture?

With this term we mean a specific niche of products specifically designed and manufactured to furnish the garden, thus enhancing its aesthetics and functionality. They are produced with materials suitable to withstand the external weather, such as sunlight, wind and rain.

Among the main materials used in the creation of garden accessories we can find:

  • Rattan: very resistant but flexible palm wood.
  • PVC: polyvinyl chloride, a thermoplastic material made from natural raw materials.
  • Powdered metal: coating process with an organic film to protect against corrosion and aggressive agents.
  • Steel: an alloy composed mainly of iron and carbon known for its antioxidant properties.
  • Rubber: material characterized by a strong resistance to external agents.
  • Polyester: class of waterproof polymers, resistant to dirt and resistant to chemical and physical agents.

All the materials indicated are the first choice for the creation of objects intended to furnish the garden, especially for their peculiarities of adaptability to various processes (even the most complex), reliability and resistance to the many weather conditions present physiologically outside the house.

The Rattan, for example, is widely used in the construction of chairs, tables and sofas for the garden, its main feature is a strong resistance combined with extraordinary flexibility, this allows you to create objects with sharp or rounded corners, such as chairs, sofas and tables, with ease. Polyester, on the other hand, thanks to its qualities of impermeability and resistance to chemical agents and dirt, is used to create the covers of umbrellas and gazebos.

But what are, in particular, the elements that can not miss when you decide to furnish the garden? Let’s discover them together.

Garden furniture

This category includes dining sets and furniture in general such as tables, coffee tables, table tops, chairs of various kinds, loungers, sofas, holders for various objects, shelves, etc.. They are essential to be able to equip specific areas of the garden in order to obtain relaxation areas, spaces organized for dinners and lunches or areas used to contain tools for the care of the garden.

On the market you can find all sorts of garden furniture for every specific need. For example, to create a relaxation area, maybe to sip a cool drink alone or in company, the choice will fall on special sets generally including a table with chairs. Mainly made of Rattan, these particular sets are a must for this type of use.

Garden hammers

Garden umbrellas, on the other hand, are an essential element if the sun is bothering you and you may not have shady places to eat. Decorating the garden with a good umbrella will help you to create a small shaded area, almost circumscribed, to be completed with a set of garden furniture to be placed right underneath. In this way, thinking of an aperitif, or a chat with friends even in the high sun, will absolutely not be a mirage.

Be careful, however, to always consider the size and precise construction of the umbrella as there are different sizes, but also different types related mainly to the position of the rod or arm that supports them.

Garden gazebos

Garden gazebos, on the other hand, have a slightly more advanced function than umbrellas. With a garden gazebo it will be even easier to create delineated areas to be dedicated to specific functions. Furnishing the garden, or an area of it, using a gazebo is a nice opportunity for those who own a large garden, get a new outdoor dining room will be a real piece of cake.

Also in this case the choice may fall on different types of construction that make the gazebo cheaper or more expensive in the purchase. The most common are those with a square or rectangular plan.

Garden Swings

Let’s face it, the most relaxing moments in the garden are inextricably linked to the slow swinging of the garden swings. If you’ve ever owned one, you’ll surely already know what we’re talking about, but if your garden has a suitable space to accommodate it then you should definitely consider a new purchase.

Obviously you should always choose the one that suits you best and to furnish your garden in the best possible way, it is very important to consider the fact that there are also for two people or more. As for the materials used, there are materials made using steel and others that use wood instead.

Outdoor pools

Outdoor swimming pools to be placed in the garden are becoming more and more popular due to the low purchase costs and the ever decreasing care to be devoted to maintenance. A normal outdoor swimming pool is certainly not within everyone’s reach, but with a garden pool made of plastic materials, to be placed on a flat surface, the refreshment and pleasure of a fresh bath are not denied to anyone!

But always pay attention to the size, which even if reduced compared to the size of a common pool, can reach areas of all respect, so in case of purchase always considers a particularly large space, even to get an area appropriately dedicated to the use of this beautiful object.

If you are particularly interested in this type of pool do not miss our in-depth analysis: Above-ground pools to make the most of the outside of the house.

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