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At the time of putting a house for sale, the owner must assess whether its condition is ideal or it is better to make some reform, greater or lesser, which allows you to increase the sale price.

However, Armor Bearers is here to guide you that when faced with a reform of these characteristics must be assessed various factors. First, if the cost of the same one will be able to be recovered with the sale price; second, if it is better an integral or partial reform; and third, if the general state of the building advises to carry out it.


The first thing to do is to establish a series of priorities. Is it advisable to reform the electrical and water installations? Or is it better to focus on improving the energy efficiency of doors and windows?

One thing that seems obvious when making an interior reform is that the appearance of the house must be improved. Buyers will most likely look for luminosity and surface area.

The first thing to do is to paint the walls in light tones, which give the appearance of light and space. A simple technique that helps to improve the appearance of the house.

More complicated, but more effective, is the replacement of opaque walls by glass partitions in those places where it allows a greater luminosity. It is not usually very convenient to carry out renovations in exterior walls. It is better to avoid them both for the permits to be obtained and for their cost.

In addition, the installation of adequate lighting helps to give the sensation of luminosity and amplitude, so it is also advisable to act in this aspect.

The kitchen and the bathroom are usually two rooms that interested buyers value, although they can involve a high cost. If their appearance is not attractive or they are seen as unhygienic or efficient can be seen as a handicap by the potential buyer.

Making the most of space

As far as surface area is concerned, reducing the square metres of the corridor to give more space to other rooms is another good solution that also makes it possible to increase the useful surface area of the dwelling.

To this end, it is advisable to make an architectural project that allows the rooms to be dimensioned appropriately. This will make it possible to respect the minimum measures advisable for each of the rooms. The living room is not the same as the double room or the children’s room.

Energy efficiency

A key aspect. It must be taken into account that it is necessary to obtain an energy certificate to be able to sell the house. And that this certificate is very important to obtain an adequate sale price.

It is therefore important to ensure that the home has windows that ensure perfect insulation from the outside. The installation of windows and balcony doors with chamber glass and low emissivity guarantees this insulation.

It is necessary to value that the watertightness of the exterior carpentry and the thickness of the insulation of the facade influence the final price.

Adequate price

To adjust the budget, it is best to analyze all the options point by point. For example, eliminating a room that is considered dispensable allows you to optimize costs, since you will have to install one less door. Or use standard solutions for the storage or installation of attics in passageways or false ceilings in bathrooms and kitchens.

Before undertaking a reform of these characteristics it is necessary to study in detail all the options, calculate the costs and study the benefits, prioritizing those that are more necessary.

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