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Varn and Earma Brown, authors and ministers of the Gospel live in northern Texas. Former armorbearers and ministry assistants to their Senior Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes at Covenant Church, the Brown's passion and anointing in serving their local church and community is contagious to people in a wonderful way.

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Honor God Honor Man

Do you know that the Lord has commanded us to love our neighbors, our brothers and sisters? It always gets my attention when I hear someone say that they only love God, and have no need, or respect of man. Then they go on to say, “I don’t need to go to church, the church is in me...

Using Your Conscience Heart and Conviction To Hear God

Quite a few years ago, God began teaching Earma and I about His leading and prompting by His Holy Spirit. Along with that teaching, He required us to follow. So, it was a big deal for us when He led us by His Spirit to step down from years of ministering in the jail and prison system. He had a different direction that he wanted us to go in our spiritual life. We followed that leading...

Serving With The Spirit Of Completion

Are you faithful in the Kingdom of God? You do know that this is a reasonable service, that we should supply in the church today. The reason I say this, I have seen and met people that have a different mindset, when it comes to serving in the house of the Lord. I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact, I’ve always been a doer in the house of the Lord...

Gaining The God Perspective

What’s your God perspective? You do know that it is very good to have one. If you have a bad one, in the realms of your faith you may get what you’re thinking or speaking. That goes for good or bad...

Walking Congruent With Your Anointing

A man of God and his sons were the priest of the land. His name was Eli, the priest; his sons were Hophni and Phinehas. The word of God said, they were scoundrels before the Lord. They did evil before the Lord. Even though they were sons of a priest, they did wicked things before the Lord. In that day, it was customary, that the people brought meat as an offering, and put it into a pot to be cooked.

As it cooked, the priest would put a three pronged fork into the pot and pull out a portion for themselves.  But the sons of Eli were wicked and would say, give me the meat before you put it into the pot, (so they could do with it as they wanted) and if they didn’t give them the meat, they would say, I will take it. This was very evil before the Lord, for they were treating the Lord with contempt.

We Fight As One

In a war we should all stand together and fight as one. We fight as an undivided unit to defeat the enemy. The enemy knows that he must defeat the strong man to possess his house. In the kingdom of God, we are the-strong-man in our house. You do know that a house divided against itself will not stand. That is the main reasons why the enemy wants to cause division in the house of God...

The Gifting And Talents of God

Do you know that God has given us all a measure of faith, and talents?

Remember, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘all you need is a mustard seed measure of faith.’ Then you can say to the mountain, ‘be thou removed and cast into the sea, and it shall obey you.’

The Lord has given us a measure of talents, as well. Now the question is, how much of it are you using for the kingdom of God. In faith he has given us all a measure. It’s left up to us how much of it we activate in our life, to bring forth fruit for his glory...

The Praying Warrior And The Battle At Ziklag

They arrived at camp and found everyone gone. Not a soul was left in the camp. It was obvious they were taken by force. The camp was a wreck and burned to the ground. The men began to weep, including David. All of his wives and his men’s wives and family were taken by the enemy, the Amalekites...

The Armorbearer Stigmata

Years ago, a young lady wrote in to our ministry expressing her reservations about accepting the call to become an armorbearer for her pastors. Here’s an excerpt from that FAQ session:

“…It's not that I mind helping out with anything that's needed of me.  Whatever is asked of me, I will do without hesitation.  The biggest problem is that I don't want to be called "armorbearer".  I hesitate to use the term, whether or not I'm around anyone.  I don't want it known, I don't want it broadcast, and I don't want any recognition for what I do; unless it's from God to tell me what I'm doing right or wrong…”

Go Get My Chariots Horses And Start Me A Parade

God promised to make one of King David’s sons the next king. It was a God promise through a faithful father. Even so, there was a small problem brewing on the horizon. The Bible said the son Adonijah was never interfered with by his father. He never heard the word no from him or anyone else. The Proverbial writer plainly says a child left to himself is headed for ruin. So, I have empathy for the young man I’m about to tell you about...

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