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Varn and Earma Brown, authors and ministers of the Gospel live in northern Texas. Former armorbearers and ministry assistants to their Senior Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes at Covenant Church, the Brown's passion and anointing in serving their local church and community is contagious to people in a wonderful way.

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The Fields Are Ripe To Harvest

I’ve noticed from Texas to Arkansas that this year is a bountiful harvest year for the trees and the plants. As you may know already, I’m a tree arborist and pecan tree limbs are breaking all over the metroplex from them bearing so much fruit.

The Mercy In His Pruning

I’m a country boy. I was born in the city but around when I was six our family moved to the country. I like the term country. I’ve been a man of hard work from as long as I can remember. The reason I mention all this is because of the title of this article, The Mercy In God’s Pruning...

Raising Giant Slayers IV: Conquering Kingdoms With A Covenant

There should be unity in the body of Christ. To be victorious, there is no room for envy, jealousy, strife or being competitive with one another. If we do, we may be defeated by our enemy more easily. Don’t forget a house divided against itself will not stand...

The Job Factor

Have you experienced suffering, trouble, setbacks or reversals? In the life of Job, there was evidence of his righteousness to the point that God bragged on him to Lucifer.

Raising Giant Slayers Part III

Saul has killed his thousands, David his tens of thousands!

Years ago, the Lord allowed my father and me to have a relationship before he went to be with the Lord. In that season of my life I was just starting to preach and my father saw it in me.

Destined For Greatness

Are you destined for greatness? I ask you to ask yourself that; I don’t mean it in a prideful manner. I want you to ask yourself in a way of faith. In the word of God, there are many godly characters of greatness.  When they started they didn’t look so great. It’s a little hard to say but the word of God says, in describing Jesus, he was one not much to behold.  

Raising Giant Slayers Part II

Are you submitted to the Fathers will or are you doing your own thing? To submit means to yield to the control or power of another, give in. In this case, give in to God’s will.

In Tithes And Offerings

Are we God robbers? For years I have been a faithful tither. I’m one of those ten percenters that gives faithfully to the Church. This is a must, if you are to be a God pleaser. I know some people all they have to see is the title and they’ll say, I’m out of here.

God of the Mountains and the Valleys

The great Prophet Elijah had been told by the Lord that there would be no dew or rain. And he spoke it and said to King Ahab, “There shall be no rain except at my word.” Then the Lord said to him, “Go and hide yourself in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan; the Lord said to him, also, hide yourself and drink from the brook for I have ordered the ravens to feed you.”

Beauty Is Fleeting

Have you heard of the statement, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” It is speaking of the person themselves or someone that’s looking. It is a perspective, I speak on in this blog, because I feel us as humans can get a bit of out of balance.

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