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Varn and Earma Brown, authors and ministers of the Gospel live in northern Texas. Former armorbearers and ministry assistants to their Senior Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes at Covenant Church, the Brown's passion and anointing in serving their local church and community is contagious to people in a wonderful way.

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Beauty Is Fleeting

Have you heard of the statement, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” It is speaking of the person themselves or someone that’s looking. It is a perspective, I speak on in this blog, because I feel us as humans can get a bit of out of balance.

Raising Giant Slayers

What would you do? Better yet, what are you training your spiritual sons and daughters to do when one faces giant circumstances? Wait! Before you say, let's look at what Captain Abishai, spiritual son of the giant slayer did...David poured the water out as a drink offering before the Lord and such were the exploits of Abishai. Abishai, the brother of Joab, son of Zeruiah, was chief of the three. He raised his spear against three hundred men, whom he killed. So he became as famous as the three. —II Samuel 23:18

His Loving Chastisement

In this article I talk about God's chastisement. The word of God says he chastises the one he loves and if he doesn’t we are not his children. If we are not his children then we are illegitimate. And who wants to be that.

The Lines Are Drawn

Which lane are you operating in? The first lane is the Kingdom builders; men and women that are filled with the Spirit of God and their mandate is to build the Kingdom by faithfully preaching and doing the word of God...

The Call To Obedience

I want to tell you about this lesson that I learned.  I was pressed and able to come to this conclusion a while ago. I sought the Lord about this situation that I put myself through. Let me tell you I found the answer quickly so I wouldn’t have to experience that situation again.

I have a friend in the Lord that is going through chastising of the Lord because of some very bad decisions he made which involved himself and his family. They were so bad that it broke the family up. It was a very bad situation to say the least... 

Are You Tough Enough In The Kingdom Of God

What do you do when you hit trying times? Do you ask why me? Do you complain to those around you? Do you faint or give up? More still are you a cry baby in God’s kingdom? Or do you hold fast to your confession of faith, enduring hardness as a good soldier?

Behold The Dreadful Day Of The Lord Cometh

Jesus is coming! The Word of God says, He shall appear in the clouds with a blast of a trumpet! We that are ready for His appearing will be caught up with Him in the sky where we will be with Him forever. There will be on earth a Tribulation that will last seven years... 

Receive Ye Spiritual Fathers

I believe we get the point, he says, “Though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ yet ye have not many fathers.” We can only be instructed so far then there is a need of fathers and a need for many...

The Pelting With Rocks

I’m right in the middle of writing my book “The Character of King David” and it seems we see so many people right in the middle of similar scenarios. In this story, the great King David was fleeing his kingdom because of a rebellious son that wanted to take the kingdom from him. 

God The Covenant Keeper

Today I was sitting with my wife at our favorite catfish restaurant having a discussion about a relationship with a relative of mine. The conversation went like this: Well, I love him but if it wasn’t for his mother who we love, I probably wouldn’t have that much of a relationship with him anymore. But because of her, we apply more grace and more long-suffering; we decide to work it out some more. 

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