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Varn and Earma Brown, authors and ministers of the Gospel live in northern Texas. Former armorbearers and ministry assistants to their Senior Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes at Covenant Church, the Brown's passion and anointing in serving their local church and community is contagious to people in a wonderful way.

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Drawing A Bigger Circle

Have you been given the opportunity to change your mind about a group of people, recently? Did you recognize the opportunity? The truth is we're all given opportunities at different times to change our heart for the better...first posted in 2007. Join 6558 others who read this article. Don't forget to post a comment and hit the LIKE button at the top...

Why So Militant

David fought so many wars. He wasn't able to build the Temple, at least one of the reasons was, the Lord said he was a bloody man! So, his son was given the assignment, Solomon. Solomon’s generation had not experienced the awfulness of war. Their responsibility would be not losing the glory of God in a season of convenience, peace and pleasure.

Passing The Baton

Have you seen a race where they pass the baton, one to another, recently? It truly amazes me to see how our little child hood games can speak to us in life, if we allow it to. In this race of passing the baton, the main objective is the team with the baton to cross the finish line with the help of each other. The one who crosses the finish line first with the baton wins. Another thing to realize, is the greatest opportunity for mishap is during the pass. It takes skill, focus and determination to successfully pass to the receiver.

Now what does that symbolize spiritually to you and me. The word of God tells us to run the race with all diligence, being prepared in all diligence. What’s symbolic of it, is a race that’s not run by ourselves, it includes others, so not only our generation but the ones to come...

The Precious Gift of Impartation

Not long ago, Varn and I were discussing some changes in our church. Most of us don't like change that much. In fact, that's what disturbs people the most and can even cause fall out. Meaning people get offended and mad at the church. They end up leaving and sometimes they stay but are still mad...

8 Highly Practical Prayers to Pray Over Your Leaders

Have you been wondering about praying over your leader? If so, read another Readers Favorite article from Varn and Earma that offers 8 suggestive prayers...You won't be able to pray the same for your leader after reading this.

The Irrevocable Gifts And Calling Of God

Many years ago, a Christian minister of God said to me because I was a late starter in ministry, “Varn you’re too old to become a preacher.” He meant in starting. At that time, I was in my thirties.

You’re Too Old

For some reason, I didn’t pay him any attention. Over the years, I’ve had people say things to me like, “You’re too old. Maybe you should go to another church,” you know I could go on. This is the very reason we must know our calling for our self, because God knows...

Raising Giant Slayers Is It Your Serving Season

Dear Armorbearers, I was thinking the other day about the years of service my wife and I devoted to Armorbearing. so we summed a little wisdom up for the beginners in their service. Do you know that there is a receiving season, a serving season and a giving/ ministry season? If you are serving as an Armorbearer you are for the most part, in your serving season. I want to give you some wisdom from my experience in serving as an Armorbearer for the last two decades. Then Earma tag teaches with her perspective...

8 Practical Ways To Still Serve As Leader

Does your leadership still have SERVE in it? Sometimes as leaders we lose sight of servanthood. Read Varn and Earma's latest edition of the Core Value Series for practical ways to still SERVE as leader...

READERS FAVORITE: First posted in May 2007. Join 1975 others who read this article. Don't forget to post a comment and hit the LIKE button at the top...

I'm Tired of Holding the Cup; I'm Ready to Rule!

Have you grown dissatisfied with being the assistant? Wait! Before you rush to your next level, read this and prepare...READERS FAVORITE: I'm Tired of Holding The Cup; I'm Ready To Rule. First Posted in December 2007. Join 4715 others who read this article. Don't forget to post a comment and hit the LIKE button at the top...

Read Chapter One of In The Spirit of Leadership

Are you an armorbearer in training or responsible for training a group of leaders or armorbearers? Rev. Brown's newest book In the Spirit of Leadership - God's Mighty Men & Women will help. In his usual contagious teaching style he visits the biblically famous King David and his explosive mighty men. In a study of the character of these men, you will discover afresh King David, General Joab, Captain Abishai, the exploits of The Thirty and more...Read chapter one of In The Spirit of Leadership.

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