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His Loving Chastisement

In this article I talk about Gods chastisement. The word of God says he chastises the one he loves and if he doesn’t we are not his children. If we are not his children then we are illegitimate. And who wants to be that...
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NOTE From Varn & Earma!

Thank you for all the well wishes on our twelveth year of training and supporting servant leaders and armorbearers in the local church! We pray God's blessings on your family, leadership and ministry teams. Thank you for believing in us at Armorbearers International Community Ezine, Blog and Ministry Updates.

Continuing at the blog community: Our feature article is His Loving Chastisement posted from the blog by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.and Minister Earma Brown

As you may know by now, the Just Be series has ended! Stay tuned for the whole series forthcoming in a book (Just Be Devotional) along with several of our other popular blogs including the We the Sheep Series.(:

Please continue to refer us and our books to your church teams, ministry friends and associates. It's still working.

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May God make His face to shine upon you, your family and ministry throughout the year in 2014!

Training servant leaders in the local church,
Rev. Varn Brown and Minister Earma Brown

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Readers Favorite :7 Ways To Fan Into Flame The Gift Of God

Join 9,996 people who read '7 Ways to Fan Into Flame the Gift of God Within You' and read this month's featured Readers Favorite:

…I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you…2 Timothy 1:6b

Carman, a Christian recording artist, while visiting his sister as an east coast Italian kid, black Afro, silk shirt with black slacks, was radically saved (born-again) at an Andrae Crouch concert. His beginning in Christ is where songs like Serve the Lord and No Way Not Ashamed came from. He admits, “I know what it’s like to serve. I served in my local church for about six years before going full time in the music ministry...

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Featured Testimony!

I recommend it to all ministers to have it as a tool for training others I actually needed it for that and am sure it will serve the purpose. -Richard Sekyanzi
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A Devotion To Serve eDevotionals, Screensaver & Wallpapers

Ready to revive? A Devotion to Serve eDevotionals might help. ADTS sends mini-devotionals to your email box every few days.


Enthusiasm is derived from the certainty that for this I was
born, and I am doing it! It is thrilling knowledge that I am
fulfilling God's intended purpose for me. -Bill Hull

For it is God who works in you to will and to act
according to his good purpose. Phil. 2:13

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Building B.I.G. Success W/ A Book In 2014 expires this week bigdreamevolution.com

The B.I.G. Dream Evolution ending soon! Go here BigDreamEvolution.com Earma, presents a new (complimentary) training 'Building BIG Success With A Book + The Book Money Plan for the blog communities and hopefully YOU Sign up yourself and refer your ministry friends that want to write a book...
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Helps Ministry Magazine

Helps Ministry Magazine new quarter issue coming soon... please send your team picture, local church nominees and any testimonies…
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