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Raising Giant Slayers: With A Different Spirit!

A group of complaining grumblers were about to stone Moses and Aaron. Let me tell you the story from Scripture and more importantly, what it has has to do...
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NOTE From Varn & Earma!

Happy New Year! May God make his face to shine upon you, Servant Leaders And Armorbearers! You are surrounded by the tender mercies of God. We're praying God's grace continues to abound to you in all things and every circumstance that you might be self-sufficient requiring no aid and fully funded for every good work He has given you to fulfil..

Thank you for your loving support at the Armorbearers International website, Community Ezine, and Blog.

Continuing at the blog community: Our feature article this week is from the blog series Raising Giant Slayers: With A Different Spirit by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

News Update: Interested in sponsorship? Our new Nasa Ministries Magazine in the works. It will include all of our ministries this time with a Helps Ministry section for servant leaders and armorbearers. Pray for us and if you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us.

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May God's grace abound to you, your family and ministry throughout the year of 2015!

Training servant leaders in the local church,
Rev.Varn Brown and Minister Earma Brown

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Readers Favorite : Calling On The One Who Changes Not

Join 4774 people who read ''Calling On The One Who Changes Not by Best selling Author Earma Brown' and read this month's featured Readers Favorite:

Have you noticed during these turbulent times a lot of things we thought would never change are changing? I drove by one of our favorite restaurants not long ago and noticed a sign "CLOSED After 50 Years." We had to start limiting our visits because of health reasons anyway but they still had a special place in our hearts and minds. You'll know why when I tell you what they were dishing out. They served some of the best fried chicken, I think, in the world. But things changed and they're gone...

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Featured Testimony!


5.0 out of 5 stars Great blog

This review is from: Armorbearers International Blog http://armorbearers.net

Your blog today has truly ministered to me. I have been crying out to God to help me more exhibit his charcteristics. I know that this message is God speaking directly to me about this situation. Thank you for hearing from God and sharing with us armorbearers.
- Sharon Harris

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A Devotion To Serve eDevotionals, Screensaver & Wallpapers

Ready to revive your team? A Devotion to Serve eDevotionals might help. ADTS sends mini-devotionals to your email box every few days.

Lead In Obedience To God

Obedience is a part of the foundation that the Lord starts in our lives. That’s why we must obey our authorities from child hood with our parents to school with teachers to the college professor and further. The Lord has given us life to prepare us for great service. —Rev. Varn Brown, Sr., Author of In The Spirit Of Leadership

Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Hebrew 13:17  

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Special News Corner:

Grace Covenant Church Coming...Just Be Devotional still on the way...Raising Giant Slayers Devotional in the works...21 Day W.O.R.D. Challenge for WOW! Women Now Available; click below for details
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