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Seeds Of Greatness: The Ever Increasing Kingdom Of God

There was a wealthy man that hired three men. He gave out talents, each man according to his current ability. One man he gave ten talents...
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NOTE From Varn & Earma!

God bless you, Servant Leaders And Armorbearers! You have a wonderful inheritance on reserve for you. If not already, you should believe and receive it by faith. Our Lord Jesus paid a horrible price for this opportunity that Father God wants each of us to have. Anyway, don't get me started preaching. I tell you all about in the article this week. ..

Continuing at the blog community: Our feature article this week is from the blog series Seeds of Greatness: The Ever Increasing Kingdom of God by Minister Earma Brown

News Update: Nasa Ministries Magazine in the works. It will include all of our ministries this time with a Helps Ministry section for servant leaders and armorbearers. Pray for us and if you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us.

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May God bless you and invest His commanded blessing up you, your family and ministry throughout the Fall season in 2014!

Training servant leaders in the local church,
Rev.Varn Brown and Minister Earma Brown

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Readers Favorite : The 21st Century Armorbearer

Join 1222 people who read ''The 21st Century Armorbearer by Best selling Author Terry Nance' and read this month's featured Readers Favorite:

Having done all, stand.

People will always have an opinion about what you should be doing.  My wife and I stilled the voices around us and made a decision to obey God at whatever cost.  We remained faithful in our positions for 23 years until the Holy Spirit released us with the blessing of our Pastor.  People will always speak when they see an anointing.  Do not be moved from the high place to chase a premature vision.  Remain faithful to God and He will reward you.  When that time of reward comes, you will have the confidence to do His will.

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Featured Testimony!


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Reading

for any Christain. This book works well with the ones by Terry Nance

Our church has been studying for armorbearers for the last 3 years and this book works well with the ones by Terry Nance. Every Christian needs to read these books if they wish to grow and mature. Wonderful reading. Delivery time is always excellent. Condition is always good...Gabriele Molyneux

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A Devotion To Serve eDevotionals, Screensaver & Wallpapers

Ready to revive your team? A Devotion to Serve eDevotionals might help. ADTS sends mini-devotionals to your email box every few days.


Don't complain about what you don't have. Use what you've
got. To do less than your best is a sin. Every single one of
us has the power for greatness, because greatness is
determined by service-to yourself and to others.
--Oprah Winfrey

A man can receive nothing-except as it has been granted to
him from heaven. (a man must be content to receive the gift
which is given him from heaven; there is no other source).
--John 3:27 Amp

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Compassion, courage and power comes when we follow God into service in every area of our lives--and become men and women after God's own heart. With contagious passion, respect and honor for God's house and His authority structure, Varn Brown shares practical, scriptural insights on how to take ancient lessons from the Bible and apply to our servanthood today... Order your 4 book set or bulk for your church...
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Family Heritage Books & Butterfly Press presents

Congratulations! Dennis J. Turner Broadway Connections was added to the Family Heritage Book Series. …
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