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Enter UNIFY OUR TEAM CHALLENGE & WIN a Book for Every Team Member! Submit your team picture. Enter as often as you like.

Each picture your team submits will be entered into drawing to receive In the Spirit of Armorbearing  book for each team member.


Thank you for your interest in the Helps Ministry Magazine sponsored by Armorbearers International and Nasa Ministries. If you are a leader or member of a local church congregation, we invite you to partner with us in ministering to the Body of Christ through our newest ministry project the Helps Ministry Magazine.

Unify Our Team Challenge - Special Entry: Submit your church, ministry (armorbearer, helps ministry team) team picture & receive a chance to win a free book for each member of your team. Team will be chosen for next quarter. Honor system: Each team member must be present in picture. We depend on your honor that each person in picture is a team member. UOT Challenge expires 12/31/2012

Here's how to get started: Send a picture and nominate your ministry team for the Team Gallery Challenge section. Nominate your home church for the I Love My Church (local church feature) in each issue. Submit your Ministry of Helps article, armorbearer, church leadership or short tips. Partner with us by donating, purchasing a sponsorship ad or ministry resource.

If you need to know what our core beliefs are, you may visit our page Core Values or What We Believe pages. Please kindly submit information in form below.


Helps Ministry Magazine

Submit your information to the Helps Ministry Magazine voluteer staff for approval.

If your submission is approved for placement in Helps Ministry Magazine, we may publish any time during year.

Select from list below what you are submitting to magazine for possible inclusion.


If you are nominating your church for the I LOVE MY CHURCH section, please write one paragraph stating why you love your church and why you recommend it to anyone in your area. If not, please skip this section.

Send article 300-1000 words containing biblical teaching, encouragement on Helps ministry, leadership, practical Christainity.

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Choose best photo of your team for Team Gallery or best photo of your church for 'I love My Church' sections.

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Please leave contact information.

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Yahoo emails consistently end up in spam or trash. If you have not received a response from us, please check your email spam or trash. Put on your safe send list.

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Article Submission:

Thank you for your interest in submitting article(s) to Helps Ministry magazine or our web community at Armorbearers International. We welcome your insight and revelation. We want to give voice to other perspectives and gifts in the Body of Christ.

Our ministry at Armorbearers International is helping leaders and supporters build strong teams in the local church.

Therefore, at this time we are receiving articles on the subject of Ministry of Helps, Armorbearers and Leadership in the local church.

Articles must be at least 300-800 words in article, tips or short Bible study lesson format. Submit in MS WORD document as attachment or in body of email. Our aim is to provide our readers, subscribers and web visitors with a quick read of insightful article/lessons in an encouraging tone.

Please realize that we can’t publish every article we receive. If we decide to publish your material, it will appear in an issue of the The Helps Ministry Magazine and also may be posted as an article on the Armorbearers International or Ministry of Helps Network (MOHN) website. We’ll try to give you a good idea as to what Issue of the magazine it will be published in. Please know that if your article does not follow the guidelines above, it will not be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless you in all your ministry endeavors for His Kingdom.


Team at Helps Ministry Magazine

Other Submissions: Please note any submission/question becomes the property of Armorbearers International and may be republished in any medium and edited for length and/or clarity. If submission is selected to use respect will always be given to sensitive issues thereby changing names and locations to protect privacy. We reserve the right to publish and edit your question/letters for length and/or clarity; please include your full name, email address and city, if requesting a reply.

FREE Armorbearer
Mini-Course & Training Kit including 'How To Setup
Armor-bearer Team'
We respect your privacy. No spam!