Tips for saving energy at home

Having an efficient energy consumption is a key point when it comes to saving energy in the home. Not only by saving a few euros at the time of paying the monthly bill, but you can also contribute to better care for the environment from home. Improve your household budget and reduce your footprint on the planet – take note and put these tips into practice.

Useful tricks to save on your electricity bill

Replace traditional bulbs with LED lighting

As we all know, halogen bulbs consume up to 10% more energy than a LED light bulb. This means that if you only use LED lighting on one floor, you can save money up to 86% compared to halogen bulbs. With a change as basic as this and can see great savings results, taking into account that the lighting of a floor equals 20% of household energy billing.

Unplug what you’re not using

A common mistake you can make is not unplugging unused items – how many times do we leave the phone charger connected to the wall! Even if the phone is not being charged, this device still consumes energy. The same goes for hair dryers or hair straighteners. A practical tip: try not to leave your computer or mobile phone charging all night, as you will damage their batteries and consume more energy.

Taking short showers can be another energy-saving trick at home

Heating the water to take a shower is something that consumes quite a lot of energy and it should be taken into account that every minute adds up to your bill. If you take a shower for a maximum of 10 minutes you not only save on your electricity bill but also reduce water consumption: double savings. Not to mention the contribution that is made to the environment with this small change in daily habits.

Turn off unnecessary lights

They are small details that seem not to be significant in monthly expenses, but could help save energy in the home. Keeping the lights off in the places of the house that are not necessary and turning everything off if you leave the house could mean significant savings a year.

Wash at low temperatures or in cold water

Today’s dishwashing and laundry detergents are designed to remove stains and grease without the need for hot water. It is an energy expense that you could save and, in the case of clothes, you will keep them for much longer. Start saving energy with these small changes in your home and you will notice the difference at the end of the month.

Low water heater temperature

The heaters are regularly programmed to have an average temperature of 60 degrees, which is quite exaggerated since no one could get under water at this temperature without burning. One trick is to lower it to at least 40ยบ. This way, the heater won’t waste as much energy and you can still enjoy a hot shower.

Time Discrimination

If you have less than 15 KW of power, you can request the rate with hourly discrimination, known as night rate. It discriminates between 2 types of time during the day. On the one hand, there is the off-peak hour, in which the price of energy is paid almost 50% cheaper than usual.

On the other hand, there is the rush hour, in which energy is paid 20% more expensive. This service can be contracted with any energy trading entity. You must analyze if their schedules adjust to your consumption habits. If so, it is an excellent option to save and very few people take advantage of it.

Don’t keep your electronics on stand-by

Some electronic devices have a stand-by function: they appear to be switched off, but in reality they are not. Although they don’t consume as they do when they’re on, everything adds up to your bill. The best thing to do is to really turn these devices off because it doesn’t make you any profit to have them on stand-by.

Look at the energy label

For some time now, manufacturers of household appliances have been obliged to put in their products the energy consumption of each. This is so that consumers can choose products according to their energy efficiency. A good way to save energy at home is to choose “A” category appliances. Surely their higher cost will be offset by energy savings.

Keep your home under control with an energy-saving application

Today there are applications for almost everything in order to have all the information you need at the reach of your mobile. One of these applications is Virtual Energy Advisor. With it you will be able to control the consumption of your home to know the price of KW of the day and to program your use of energy.

Now that you know these tricks it’s time to put them into practice to save energy at home and do your bit for the environment. Dare to enter the era of saving!

Kenneth C. Silver

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