Modern fireplaces for your home

Although by dates we are closer to heat than cold, it is a good time to enter the wonderful world of fireplace design and discover the most modern designs of these that we warned you, you are going to be surprised.

A prior, the idea of a modern fireplace may seem like a contradiction in itself, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that what used to be an indispensable element in all houses as a heating system to withstand low temperatures, has now become an element of decoration and delight thanks to the new forms of home heating.

In this sense, the chimney has taken again protagonism in the decoration of many homes and proof of it are the original and modern designs that we find today in the market.

The originality of fireplaces is not at odds with their functionality and price. There are so many styles and types that they are not even limited to the living room, where the chimneys used to be placed. Now we find fireplaces in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or even bathrooms, adapting to each room and being perfectly integrated.

On the other hand, modern fireplaces have great advantages. The new fuels that modern fireplaces use, such as bioethanol, in addition to reducing their cost, reduce their impact on the environment significantly compared to traditional ones. In addition, in many cases the cost of construction is non-existent.

If you opt for modern wall chimneys, it is not necessary to do any kind of work so the final price is obviously very reduced. From large chimneys that generated large amounts of waste.


First of all, we have to differentiate modern chimneys according to the material they use.

In this way, we distinguish between gas, bioethanol and electric fireplaces:

  • Gas fireplaces. Although they have not landed in Spain with the same force as in the rest of Europe, they are undoubtedly a great option for their simplicity of operation. Among its advantages it is worth mentioning that they require one less shot than the traditional wood chimneys or that the work significantly reduces their difficulty. The biggest drawback of this type of fireplace is its price, being 10 times higher than that of the traditional fireplace.
  • Bioethanol fireplace. The great advantage of this type of fireplace is, as we already mentioned at the beginning of this post, its fuel. Bioethanol is a fuel resulting from the fermentation of materials rich in carbohydrates. Its combustion is clean and therefore its emissions are not harmful. Moreover, it is not necessary to install a draught.
  • Electric chimneys. One of the most demanded options, but also the most controversial. These are screens with images of fire so there are no fumes, or waste, or any type of maintenance or work. Most models of electric chimneys can generate heat, but only through an electrical resistance. This translates into a huge cost if we intend to heat an entire room with it. For this reason, in most of the houses in which it is found, it is used with the heating function deactivated. Three-dimensional electric fireplaces with LED sets, imitating fake firewood and so on, are now joined by modern water vapor fireplaces, thus giving it a much more realistic effect.
  • Modern floating fireplace. The great difference of this type of chimneys is that they do not necessarily need to be supported on the floor. They can have their own structures of different materials and shapes creating original designs, even becoming attached to the ceiling.


As for the design of modern fireplaces, it will depend on the material they use, but in principle they stand out for their versatility and the way in which they are used.

This type of designs cohabit with the television, giving style and sophistication to the place where they are. As there is no generation of smoke, there is no need for a work for its construction and therefore can be placed anywhere with support. In this way, we find chimneys with their own structure that start from the floor or even from the ceiling.


If you have a fireplace like this at home, consider yourself lucky. It is not necessary that you rehabilitate it for its operation, it is enough to give it a second opportunity, taking advantage of the hollow of these and playing with different decorative options.

Filling it with candles and giving it a warm atmosphere that multiplies the sensations, filling it with natural elements such as branches, plants or sticks, books or old objects or filling it with trunks of different sizes and shapes.

Clearly, whatever design option you choose, the fireplace is the focal point around which the whole room revolves. Its presence is not going to be ignored, becoming a fundamental part of interior design as an element.

Kenneth C. Silver

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