Copying Policy


Thank you for your interest in our ministry. I understand that many readers will use our material to teach classes and small groups and many have already done so. These materials were designed with that purpose in mind. But please follow the guidelines below:

By purchasing an e-book you are entitled to make a single printed copy of the entire e-book for yourself without any additional charge. If you want to teach a class using one of our ebooks or eStudies, please purchase a small group license where you are entitled to make a single printed copy of the entrie ebook for yourself without any additional charge, plus copies of the questions (and any charts) in the Appendix for each participant in any class or study group that you personally teach up to 25 people. If other groups want to use the study, they need to purchase one small group license for each group up to 25.

For any additional copies you make of the entire e-book, we need to charge you. This is fair and enables me to help provide for our family while writing Bible study materials for God's people.

Duplicating printed copies of the entire e-book, $5.00 per copy, copying fee
Duplicating copies of the entire e-book by CD, $10.00 per copy, copying fee
or consider purchasing a small group study license affordable pricing at the Shield Shop for any of our studies, it grants permission to copy study for small groups and classes up to 25. All copies must include copyright information, by line and contact information of Varn and Earma Brown, Armorbearers International.

All studies, q/a sheets, charts and notes are copyrighted and must bear the line: "Copyright © 2009, Earma Brown or Varn and Earma Brown respectively <> All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission."

If you need to make copies of an entire e-book, you may make payment by donating the appropriate amount to Nasa Ministries.

You may contribute online to Nasa Ministries

Or mail a check to:

Varn and Earma Brown
Nasa Ministries
PO Box 1114
Wylie, TX 75098, USA

I give no permission for you to duplicate copies of this e-book or of the questions for sale or distribution outside of your local class members or small group participants. You may not post this e-book, questions, or other materials from this e-book on any website.

Thank you for your integrity that helps me help provide for our family while writing materials for God's servants to use in their ministries.

Helping leaders and supporters in the local church,
Varn and Earma Brown
Armorbearers International