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Serve Strong 2 Where Are The Armorbearers

Have you heard about the horrendous shooting inside a prominent historical church? It was a most sad situation and the fact that it happened inside a church. Our prayers and compassion continue to go out to that church family. My mind has been twirling ever since it happened. I’ve been thinking and saying to myself, where are the armorbearers? God has sent this great service gift to the body of Christ to all that will receive it...

Heroes In Gods House 6 Stephen And Phillip A Dynamic Duo

Stephen and Phillip, two of the first deacons, demonstrated an anointing to serve. They started out waiting tables in the Apostles’ feeding program. The Apostles qualified the first deacons with certain qualities that should be present in all who serve.

Are You A Superman or Wonder Woman in Gods Kingdom

Are you a superman or has God's balancing factor been applied to your life? When I say superman or wonder woman I'm meaning, as a Christian, we are living on the mountain top all the time or we believe we're there. The one thing we must learn is we can't stay on the mountain top all the time. The Lord has made it so that we experience mountaintops and valleys in our lives regularly to keep us balanced.

Heroes In Gods House 5 A Good Place To Start

I believe one of the truest stories of servanthood is the story of David.  I want to give you some highlights of his story. This kind of beginning will give you a good start in the ministry called servanthood...

Heroes In Gods House 4 The Spirit Of The Finisher

Do you finish things? You know when your leader speaks of you, can they say, "One of the things I love about (You) is when given an assignment, I know things will be finished (completed) in excellence." Before you answer here’s three major witnesses of the work of a finisher..

Heroes In Gods House 3 King Samaria And His Right Hand Man

Are you in agreement with your leader's vision? If you are, that's great. Every leader needs a team that follows and supports their vision of victory and success for their church. But for those of you who not quite there yet, here's a perspective to think about...

Heroes In Gods House 2 Serve Strong

In the early days of my wife and me serving as armor bearers, I must admit I was a bit strong (zealous) about my service. We had just finished a Wednesday night service and our leaders headed for the green room. The green room is where our pastor and guest prepare before they go into service..

Heroes In Gods House

In ancient days, the nation of Israel had sinned. The Midianites had oppressed them to grinding poverty. They came and destroyed their crops and everything else they could see during harvest time, leaving them nothing to live on. Then they came in and took over the land with their people, ways of living and their camels.  According to historians, the camels were countless. Think about the last time you saw a camel. My point is camels are no small animal. So, it was a lot of camels and people invading the land. The Israelites cried out to God in desperation for help...

Are You Passing The Character Test

What is your character as an Armorbearer and Servant Leader? The reason I ask this one is: the foundation that you lay in your serving season, is the same one you’ll be walking on in your ministry season...

The Good Work Started In You

Are we there yet? Are you walking in the divine destiny of God? Let me prepare your heart and mind with something many of us don't consider. The divine destiny journey is a life long journey. Even those of us who think we have connected with our divine destiny in this season and are faithfully walking it out...

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