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The Lord Of Breakthrough

The Lord of Breakthrough by Earma Brown

Do you need a breakthrough? You know, with you it’s impossible; you need something that there’s no way you can muster it up. If so, this may encourage you to go for it. Don’t give up now. Read this before you make any decisions...


Respect God and Man by Earma Brown

Respect is a wonderful virtue. If you were to write down a list of what men craved and what women craved, respect would be at the top of the list of what men crave. Webster's Dictionary defines respect as: to esteem, regard, admire, reverence, honor; admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

How To Get Rid Of Hidden Anger

How To Get Rid Of Hidden Anger by Earma Brown

Just do it! Like, I’m about to do with this word. I confess I’ve been dragging my feet a bit with delivering it. When you hear it you’ll know why. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was talking to Varn about how he gets the glorious words from God about a person’s destiny and their upcoming victories. And me on the other hand, I often receive revealing words from God about a person’s secret sin struggle or a wrong spirit that they are acting out in everywhere they go.

God Chooses Our Leaders According To Our Heart

God Chooses Our Leaders by Varn Brown

What kind of leader do you serve? It is good to get to know who's serving among you. I'm not implying you should give your leader the 20/20 run down or pull out the character test, I gave you months ago. Nor, am I saying you should try to get the splinter out of their eye while there's a big plank in yours...

Taking God's High Road To Heaven

Taking God's High Road To Heaven by Earma Brown

Do you take the high road very often? The Urban Dictionary defines taking the high road as doing the right thing, even if it's not easy or popular. As a Christian, taking the highway is allowing Father God to teach you his ways and doing your best to walk in his way. The Prophet and spokesman for God, Isaiah proclaimed, "Turn from your sinful ways and I will have compassion on you and forgive your sins. For my ways are higher than yours and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts."

Believe Not A Strange Gospel

Believe Not A Strange Gospel by Earma Brown

Some say, Jim Jones and David Karesh started out godly men on fire for God. As you may know they didn't continue that way. In fact, they both ended their life with a gunshot suicide, surrounded by their followers in a mass suicide.

No one but God can fully say what happened to careen them off the path. But I do know the word of God says, "If we refuse correction, we go astray." So, we must remain open to correction in our lives. Correction from whom, you might be asking.

Well, most of all, we should receive correction from Father God the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. We've been teaching about His discipline and even His judgement of his kids, so we won't be judged with the world.

God's Qualifying Season

Has Father God qualified you for ministry? We’ve been teaching about the next level in God. Many of you related to that because there is a king, a pastor, teacher or a ministry gift residing inside you. Even in your receiving and serving season, ...

Uncovering Greatness Within

Have you yearned to be great? We all have the god given success gene. We stretch and strain to be the best and succeed at what we do. God put in each of us, a powerful potential for greatness. Yet, it seems few achieve it in a lifetime. Observing...

Stay Qualified Part II

Are you running your race well? Let me put it another way, are you cooperating with your season? We've been teaching on God's Honor Code and completing your current season. Additionally, the Apostle Paul encouraged us to run the race of life to win, an eternal crown. He encouraged us to stay qualified, lest we do all that we do in service to God and end up disqualified...

God's Loving Chastisement

The Lord chastises those he loves. I know you may be saying, O Lawd, Varn is talking about the Lord punishing us again. Well, I would say, you are almost right. We all know that God is still sovereign, whether it’s good or bad; God is still in control of the situation...

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