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The Irrevocable Gifts And Calling Of God

Many years ago, a Christian minister of God said to me because I was a late starter in ministry, “Varn you’re too old to become a preacher.” He meant in starting. At that time, I was in my thirties.

You’re Too Old

For some reason, I didn’t pay him any attention. Over the years, I’ve had people say things to me like, “You’re too old. Maybe you should go to another church,” you know I could go on. This is the very reason we must know our calling for our self, because God knows...

Raising Giant Slayers Is It Your Serving Season

Dear Armorbearers, I was thinking the other day about the years of service my wife and I devoted to Armorbearing. so we summed a little wisdom up for the beginners in their service. Do you know that there is a receiving season, a serving season and a giving/ ministry season? If you are serving as an Armorbearer you are for the most part, in your serving season. I want to give you some wisdom from my experience in serving as an Armorbearer for the last two decades. Then Earma tag teaches with her perspective...

Raising Giant Slayers The Divine Yes

Years ago, my then pastor asked me to stand up in a church service to receive a word of prophecy. His words were, "God says he's going to settle you. No more will you be tossed about. No more will you move with uncertainty. I'm settling you starting from the inside out. Like Me, your yes will be yes and your no will be no..."

Raising Giant Slayers New Trend For Dads Reveal Christ

A new and refreshing trend is gaining traction in the world with honoring and revealing Dads who are smart, sensitive, caring and kind. I recently saw a TV news article about one of four new trends reflected in advertising. Certain well-known companies have been focusing their vignettes on showing real Dads.

Is The Body Of Christ Ready

Is the body of Christ ready? You might be asking ready for what, if you're not Christian. Those that are active, Holy Spirit filled, Bible believing Christians will know what I'm speaking of. Just in case, you're a new Christian. It was one of the last commands of Jesus, 'Be ready!"

Raising Giant Slayers In Unity We Stand

In a war we all stand together and fight as one? We fight as a undivided unit to defeat the enemy. The enemy knows that he must defeat the strong man to possess his house. In the kingdom of God, we are the strong man in our house...

Raising Giant Slayers Through The Warfare Of The Generations

Do you fight for what is yours in Christ? Or have you given in into the battle and given up? I was thinking of the fight that my father had all his life, the part that I know. For his generation I know he was given much less...

Raising Giant Slayers With A Different Spirit Like Joshua And Caleb

A group of complaining grumblers were about to stone Moses and Aaron. Let me tell you the story from Scripture and more importantly, what all this has to do with you and me...

From Glory To Glory

You are my friends, if you do what I command you. I no longer call you servants because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends for everything I have learned from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you...

Sauls Spear And The Next Level

I love the spirit of servanthood that's in Armorbearing. My wife and I served a good long season assisting our leaders and it was good for us. I see that some people love it (serving) and some have problems with it. As you may know by now, armorbearer comes from the Greek word Nasa. It simply means, "to help, to assist."

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