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The Job Factor

Have you experienced suffering, trouble, setbacks or reversals? In the life of Job, there was evidence of his righteousness to the point that God bragged on him to Lucifer.

Food For Champions God Sees

Many years ago, I was sitting in an intercessory prayer meeting at my local church. At one of the worst moments in my life, I was feeling so invisible. In my personality, I'm not a needy person in that way. I don't  like a lot of attention. But this day was different. I don't know if you've ever felt this way. It was like no one noticed or even cared.

Excel In Your Gift Of Serving

When was the last time you checked your motives for doing what you do in the Body of Christ? Not recent. That's o.k. most of us don't go there often. Read this & Excel In your gift of serving...

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8 Practical Ways To Still Serve As Leader

Does your leadership still have SERVE in it? Sometimes as leaders we lose sight of servanthood. Read Varn and Earma's latest edition of the Core Value Series for practical ways to still SERVE as leader...

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Stay On Guard Against The Enemies of Fathfulness

Have you realized there's an enemy to your faithfulness yet? Our enemy the devil hates our faithfulness. Click below for tips to guard against the enemies of faithfulness...

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Raising Giant Slayers Part III

Saul has killed his thousands, David his tens of thousands!

Years ago, the Lord allowed my father and me to have a relationship before he went to be with the Lord. In that season of my life I was just starting to preach and my father saw it in me.

Destined For Greatness

Are you destined for greatness? I ask you to ask yourself that; I don’t mean it in a prideful manner. I want you to ask yourself in a way of faith. In the word of God, there are many godly characters of greatness.  When they started they didn’t look so great. It’s a little hard to say but the word of God says, in describing Jesus, he was one not much to behold.  

Seeds of Greatness

Seeds of Greatness, a blog series by Varn and Earma Brown

Returning To Our First Love: Have you realized when you drift away from God, you always stay longer than you anticipated and you go further than you ever thought you would go?

Raising Giant Slayers Part II

Are you submitted to the Fathers will or are you doing your own thing? To submit means to yield to the control or power of another, give in. In this case, give in to God’s will.

In Tithes And Offerings

Are we God robbers? For years I have been a faithful tither. I’m one of those ten percenters that gives faithfully to the Church. This is a must, if you are to be a God pleaser. I know some people all they have to see is the title and they’ll say, I’m out of here.

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