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Serve Strong 6 The Master Gardner And His Pruning

I was thinking about pruning in the kingdom of God, as I was reading the word of God the other day. I came across this word where Jesus says, “Those of you that are bearing fruit, it’s a good thing. But, so that the Kingdom of God can be more fruitful, I will prune you so that you may bear more fruit.”

The Spirit of Joab Part 1

God has given me a concern for armorbearers and our local church leaders as a whole all over the world. Speaking of the world, a few months ago I received word that an Asian Pastor and his armorbearers are using our materials and being a blessing to the Body of Christ. Knowing the power of the written Word upon the wind of the Holy Spirit, Earma and I always do our best in Christ to lay a good pattern for the believers that we influence.

Heroes In Gods House 7 Nature Proclaims Christ

Whenever I think of the word Metamorphosis, my mind and spirit goes to the great men and women of God. They started out normal and were birthed to do great and heroic things. That’s the beautiful thing about the word of God, how we can use it as a reference in our life. Observing nature, we can learn about spiritual things...

Gods Armor-Bearer Meekness and Militancy

From the beginning God has trained us to be more servant-minded ahead of militancy minded. He communicated to us the pattern He wanted is more gracious and less prone to sling the sheep around in correction as I see some do. Yes, militancy and meekness each have a role to play in our service but  following the leading of the Holy Spirit, He has inspired us to lean more into servanthood until now...

Serve Strong 5 Your Fruit Is The Proof

Do you know that your fruit is proof of who you really are in Christ? Have you thought about that? Take a moment, look at your life and observe within yourself the fruit that you are producing spiritually for the glory of the Lord. I hope that it’s good fruit and lots of it. You do know that us as humans all will produce fruit...

Where Does Armor-bearing Fit In the New Testament Church?

READERS FAVORITE: Where Does Armorbearing Fit In The New Testament Church? First posted in 2004. Join 10398 others who read this article. Don't forget to post a comment and hit the LIKE button at the top... Do you wonder where Armor bearing fit...

Serve Strong 4 Godly Authority And The 7 Sons Of Sceva

Authority, do you know the word? Everybody wants authority and it can be obtained, but it comes at a price. You must know that it just doesn’t fall right into your lap, just because you want it to. Authority must be earned, now I’m speaking of both earthly and heavenly authority, delegated from the Lord.

Is Gods Dunamis Power Active In Your Life

  READERS FAVORITE: Is God's Dunamis Power Active In Your Life? First posted in 2011. Join 9191 others who read this article. Don't forget to post a comment and hit the LIKE button at the top... Is God’s dunamis power active in your life? The W...

An Anointing Squandered

Read blog: An Anointing Squandered by Varn BrownIn asking these questions, it makes me think about the anointed man Samson in the Bible. If you remember, the mantle upon his life, in most cases it was used to help him get from between a rock and a hard place. In reading his story it made me think, I know that the God of Abraham didn't just bless him with all that strength to get him out of trouble, time and time again. Was he an anointing squanderer?

Serve Strong 3 Armorbearers Called Chosen And Faithful

This new title armorbearer, the Spirit of the Lord has allowed the Body of Christ to use as a help, is a renewed word for us in the 21st century. As you may know by now, the word armorbearer came from the Greek word, Nasa which means, to help or to assist...

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