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Touch Not My Anointed

Touch Not My Anointed by Varn Brown, Sr.

I was reading a blog of an old friend of mine. I must confess I was very shocked at his words. He, his friends and other bloggers were bashing the heck out of some prominent ministers of God. This old friend of mine is a Christian, I think. I know he loves the Lord but from the words I heard him say about these men of God struck me to the core. 

The reason I'm bringing up this matter is because this is very wrong. How many great examples do we have in the word of God where it says. "Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm." Do you know in God's authority the flow of it always goes from head to toe? A young person cannot rebuke an elder, which is God's job, not ours. 

Now to let you know, I'm not speaking this for myself. Our Lord takes care of me well enough. But I am writing on this as a warning because many have lost their life touching a man or woman of God. I know every Christian has read David saying to his servants Abishai and Joab, "What do you and me have in common?" David was fleeing from King Saul.

Saul was trying to take David's life. David caught up with him in a cave but instead of killing him he would not touch God's anointed even though Saul was evil. Abishia was with him and he said to David, "let me pin him to the ground, it will only take once." 

I can see David saying, what do you and me have in common? Have you learned nothing? Whenever there is an authority that's above you and they are doing wrong, that's God business, not yours. All we can do is pray for our authority. The word says pray for your leaders so that you may have peace. If we touch them with our mouth, if not careful we can get in big trouble.

Remember Moses and Miriam? I had this classmate that would touch this powerful woman of God with her words. I mean saying things about her person and what she should or should not be doing. I've seen her do it several times. It got so bad I warned her in a preaching style, meaning I preached it to her, but she still persisted. 

My wife and I noticed that every time she would go off like that she would become dreadfully sick. That's how we noticed what was causing it. I don't know how she's fairing but I hope she has changed her ways for her own sake.

If you are a man of God or a woman of God and you see some things that you are not in agreement with in the Body of Christ. Keep your mouth shut before the Lord. That's when you should pray! We should not want to gossip about things or children of God in mockery or slander. Please forgive me for being so stern with this word. But I am afraid there are some that will not heed and will pay the price for it.

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