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The Presence of God and Your Response

God's Presence & Your Response
To Friends and Family a Word To The Wise:
When we recieve a "touch from God", there is the excitement of the super natural power of God's presence flowing through you and all around you. It is an awesome experience that makes you want to tell everyone you meet. This is a very good thing. But it's only the first step of Gods plan and His will for you.

God's Touch & His Instruction
The first is his presence, the second is "instruction." After you have recieved His touch you must abide in the word that you already know in obedience or any specific word that was given to you by His Spirit.

It's good that the Lord's presence is on you. It's also very good to abide in the instruction that you know to do and be obedient to any fresh relevation that God has given to you. The doing of the word is important but there is still one more.

If you are to become a mature Christian it will be a state of "being" which means the words that you proclaim out of your mouth are actually active in your life. Your life is congruent to the words that are comig out of your mouth.

Just Be
After you experience His presence and are obedient in walking out the information, the word of God, then we must become what the word says about us, walking in a state of being in Christ. If you are to live a balanced life in Christ make sure each one of these three positions are being applied to your spiritual life in Christ. Do this and you will have good success in Christ Jesus.

Abiding In His Presence
Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

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