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The Fame Factor

The Fame Factor by Varn BrownAre you flowing beautifully in fame or have you lost your mind? I’m asking about the fame factor in your life? Do you realize yet we've all been given a measure of fame in Christ? Are you wearing it with dignity and humility? Or are you strutting around like the colorful peacock, as we see some do?

The reason, I want to talk to you on this subject is I get to see a lot of armorbearers in action. I'm concerned about the number I see with a wrong state of mind, even a stigma that we as armorbearers sometimes adopt. You might have heard this statement too, "Oh, here comes those armorbearers.." They're usually talking about the effect of the fame that we can be enveloped in when we are with our famous leaders.


The Fame Factor

The fame factor is very obvious. If we are wise, we will see it for what it truly is: When we are serving our famous leaders it is just that; it's their fame. Now, I'm not saying that we as armorbearers aren't famous. But it's usually a lot less and on a different level of fame. So, we should keep ourselves in check with the Holy Spirit. We as armorbearers should know and acknowledge where we are in the authority chain in our church.

Thanks for not tuning me out; I have a little more to say. Can I be straight up with you about this matter? When I served very close to my leaders, it was such a place of beauty and honor. You would like to stay there forever. They (our leaders) are so large in the spirit and famous. How can I say’s like when the Queen of Sheba went to see King Solomon. She saw him in his earthly splendor and the anointing on his life; she said the words that were told her didn’t compare with what she was experiencing.

Armorbearers will truly understand what I’m trying to say, because they have experienced it. So, leaders please forgive me if it sounds like I’m just spouting words. Sometimes, being in service of a great and famous person can be like being on a natural high.


It's A Great Honor

Now, here is the tricky part that we must be very careful about. When it comes to service, you and I are just the mule (donkey), yes I said a mule. But wait! Before you tune me out; it gets better.

You know Jesus used one once on his ride to Jerusalem and there was great honor in it (for the donkey.) You probably remember the story. Our Lord and Savior on his way to the cross to pay the overwhelming price for our sin tells his disciples to go into town and there would be a donkey tied to a tree.

He further tells them to loose it and bring it to him. If anyone ask, tell him that the Master has need of him, he said. In a similar way, there is honor in this service (armorbearing.) Armorbearers, you can be sure; the Lord will not forget this great labor of love you have done toward Him. Meaning, God can use us even if we have been acting like a donkey all of our lives. There’s still hope for us in His great salvation.

I wanted to create this picture in your mind. I didn't want to insult you but my true feelings are, I will be for the Lord whatever He wants me to be. I know you feel the same too.

The reason I mentioned the donkey story is for the first time I saw how pride, arrogance, and a few misled agendas can send you down a shaky path, even in a place of service. After teaching on the subject of the ministry of Helps and armorbearing for years in different churches, I see how important it is to do it right and lay a good pattern. For we will be judged according to our works; I feel the weight of it. Rev. 20:12

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Thank you for your integrity in this matter.

Helping leaders and supporters in the local church,
Varn and Earma Brown
Armorbearers International

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