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The Battle Is The Lords

The Battle of The Lord's
YOUR BATTLE IS THE LORD'S: Are you battling with the Word that was given to you as a word of faith, a prophecy, something spoken over you in faith, the word of God. My Pastor says that you must battle for what is yours in faith. When you are in the battle don't speak the things that are opposite of your faith.
But keep speaking the things of faith and things worth fighting for. So, are you fightin g in faith or are you just saying what comes to your mind? Be careful because if your mind isn't renewed by the Word of God your mouth could be saying whatever your flesh says. So if you are in a battle of faith and you are believing God for good faith changes, speak the Word only.
The Word says, don't observe lying vanities, because if you do you will forsake the mercy of the Lord. Simply saying that if you look at something or observe a circumstance or situation in your life that's from the enemy and recieve it into your life, you can miss the mercy of God.
Don't observe the lying vanities, rebuke it. So stay faithful to the Lord and keep speaking the Word in faith and soon you will see it surely come to pass. (Jon. 2:8) Rev. Varn Brown

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Said this on 3-9-2012 At 06:48 pm
Standing in agreement for The Battle Is The Lords's message by Rev. Varn Brown.
The truth of God's Word exposes the tactics of the ememy and pushes back the darkness. I take my authority in Christ and speak out loud the truth of Eph. 6:16.
"I quench with the shield of faith every fiery dart the enemy sends my way."

Blessings as you advance the kingdom! ~Matt. 4:23

Pam K.

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