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Respect God and Man by Earma Brown

Respect is a wonderful virtue. If you were to write down a list of what men craved and what women craved, respect would be at the top of the list of what men crave. Webster's Dictionary defines respect as: to esteem, regard, admire, reverence, honor; admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Tom Landry, a celebrated professional athletic coach in Dallas, Texas was known for how he groomed and drew the best out of grown men who were already giants in many ways. Most men that played professional football under his tutelage as team coach would all testify that Mr. Landry was a different man after their career ended with him.

They saw a friendly, compassionate man, even a man willing to sit down and have a conversation. When asked about the difference he said, "Men when they play for me, I'm charged with getting out of grown men what they don't want to do so they can excel at what they want to become.” Mr. Landry believed and practiced the principle, "Familiarity diminishes respect." It is said of him, while his professional players were on the team, he didn't allow familiarity in their relationship.

Which brings me to my acronym for R.E.S.P.E.C.T. These days, I'm excited when the Holy Spirit prompts me with an acronym to share with you.

Remember. So, remember respect is an important virtue. We haven't said it. But now is a good time. The God's Honor Code series is all about going back to the basics. It's not like we haven't been taught this growing up. Most Christian families are teaching their children respect. Don't be like someone that has to be taught all over again, remember respect for God and man.

Embrace. I charge you to embrace these principles. They will serve you well in life and especially your leadership and ministry. Wives, if needed, start again showing respect for your husband in front of your children and outsiders. Church members show respect for your Elders and your Pastors. Leaders do a fresh campaign of showing respect for your volunteers. How can the church operate effectively without them?

Sober. Sober yourself. Be sober-minded. For the times are evil. With disrespect running rampant in our society, it is even more important to keep developing respect in our lives and the ones we influence. Don't give up on training your children in respect, in the natural and your faith children.

Penetrate. Respect penetrates the heart. We all know out of the heart flows the issues of life. At the heart of my WOW! Women message is a little story I tell of how I got started. The short version, I was scheduled to teach my mentor's Bible Study class of a group of rowdy maximum-security women inmates in Dallas, Texas.

I prayed and asked God what to say to these women. Known all my life as a goodie two shoes girl (certainly not true all the time) made me think how could I relate and teach them anything. To make a long story short, God gave me a word for them, tell them they're WOW! Women of Worth. As they each come in, look them straight in the face, see the good in them and respect them and esteem them for it.

I saw Daddy's girls who took up for people; I saw kindness, helpers, resourcers. People all over the jail system started coming to this girl because she knew how to get stuff. Anyway, I kept going until more than twenty women had been respected for the good inside them. When I started to teach, you could hear a pin drop. Showing them respect arrested the rowdy bunch and turned them into lambs and kittens...

Evolve. Grow in your respecting God and others. Find someone you can pay respect and esteem them, someone you don't normally pay attention to. Housekeeping at your job would be a good place to start.

The homeless person you've passed by everyday could use some respect. Here's another one, the struggling single mom you sit next to almost every Sunday. If none of these grab at your heart, ask the Holy Spirit to show you someone. You know, He will.

Carry. Carry it everywhere. I suspect everywhere you go in life, there will be someone you know or meet that needs a little extra respect. So, carry the respect principle with you at all times. Who knows when the Holy Spirit will prompt you to pull it out.

Do it more and more, until it becomes a life style. Before you know it, you'll become known for the respect you pay God's people and even His world. Remember, he gave his only begotten Son for the whole world not just the church.

Train. Train yourself and others in respect. With so much disrespect in our society, it's important for us to keep modeling respect for the next generation. They may not listen that much to our words but be sure they are watching what we do.

If your parents didn't train you or model respect for you, allow the Holy Spirit to train you in respect. Keep a teachable spirit and learn respect from the best teacher I know. Then train your sons, daughters and the ones you influence to walk in respect. Start with respecting God more. Remember, respect is another word for reverence.

Look up and read all the scriptures with reverence God and be encouraged. I just remembered, I jumpstarted that for you in Reverence or Irreverence. Go into your closet and pray to the Father in secret. He hears you in secret but rewards you openly. Reverence him for all that he is loving, gracious, longsuffering, forgiving, compassionate, faithful and more.

Reverence his name Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Rapha... Interested in studying the names of God, get a copy of one of our Prayer Fulfilled Life books. If you've never done this, I challenge you to spend some time respecting, reverencing Father God and see what happens.

I hope the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. acronym teaching has given you a fresh perspective on developing God’s respect. Be blessed and grow in respect.


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