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Raising Giant Slayers Is It Your Serving Season

Is It Your Serving Season? By Varn and Earma Brown

Are You Operating Well In Your Serving Season?

Encouragement from Varn and Earma Brown

Are you in your serving season? If so, then you will especially enjoy today's article from Varn and Earma. 

From Varn:

Dear Armorbearers, I was thinking the other day about the years of service my wife and I devoted to Armorbearing. So, we summed a little wisdom up for the beginners in their service. Do you know that there is a receiving season, a serving season and a giving/ ministry season? If you are serving as an Armorbearer you are for the most part, in your serving season. I want to give you some wisdom from my experience in serving as an Armorbearer for the last two decades.

Don't Get The Big Head

You do know that as an Armorbearer you are in a most favored position to be serving the man and woman of God. You will be loved and hated for Christ sake for who you are and your service.  Don't let it give you a big head. Now I know people will say, Varn are you saying you served with a big head?

No, I'm saying you do your best not to because if you do it will come back and bite you. You know the word, you reap what you sow. When you serve as an Armorbearer, you become a line of defense for your leader. Many times, you stand between your leader and the enemy, which is a part of your job.

A whole lot of people will persecute you and say to you that you are blocking them from their leader or Pastor. In some cases that maybe so. But, in most cases, you are only doing what you're supposed to do and even asked to do.

Be Your Best

Now my point is, be the best that you can be because you probably won't be an Armorbearer for the rest of your life. So you must be good with everybody because when you are elevated to a next level position you will be looking at the same people straight in their face. (Smile) So be nice and not arrogant.

For sure don't be arrogant because if you do, you may eat some serious crow. Serve in love because love will never fail. Keep planting the best seed you faithfully can and trusting The Lord he is faithful. Your loving brother, Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr

From Earma:

I've been wanting to say this for quite some time. I know some of you are asking say what to who? Well, you'll know in a minute. But for those who are experiencing this you will know exactly what I'm talking about. So, here goes...

Back in our beginnings, one of our leaders met with us ready to deliver a rebuke after complaints had come up before the leadership. Her heart changed after she sat before us and looked into our eyes. Her rebuke became a correction.

The Accuser of the Brethren

One of the accusations was, the armorbearers were blocking the leadership and people from them as pastors. With no vengeful feelings, we told her, it wasn't true; no Armorbearer ever blocked people from the pastors and leadership. Another was, the armorbearers were interfering with the usher's placement of seating people. Also, not true.

After hearing our response to the finger pointing, she explained to us that very rare was a rebuke for God's obedient children. Most times, only correction is needed, and a gentle correction at that.

She reminded us gentleness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and that she wanted to see more of this fruit in dealing with the people of God. Even in responding to persecution or misunderstanding, it can be best handled with gentleness and communication.

Three Profound Lessons

She told us three profound things.

Number One was people will dislike you because you serve. No, let me change that, she said, people will hate you because you serve.

Number two, an Armorbearer should be more meek than militant. For our armorbearers, she wanted the team to be more friendly helpers and not security. Let security be security. For the most part, they have to wear a different type spirit and many times unable to transition to the more gentle and gracious spirit of an Armorbearer.

Number three, we should teach about armorbearing so the people of God can understand and receive it more.

From that day forward, Varn and I began teaching about armorbearing. After we began, the Holy Spirit communicated that is what He wanted, hence, the four armorbearing training book series and the companion website

In the words of Jesus, if you're an Armorbearer and you've been experiencing trouble, "Cheer Up! Trouble comes to us all at one point or another. Jesus has overcome the world."

In Christ,

Varn and Earma Brown

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