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Honor God Honor Man

Honor God Honor Man by Varn Brown, Sr.

Do you know that the Lord has commanded us to love our neighbors, our brothers and sisters? It always gets my attention when I hear someone say that they only love God, and have no need, or respect of man. Then they go on to say, “I don’t need to go to church, the church is in me.”

Of course, both of those have merit in their saying, but it is a very incorrect statement.

The Big Test

God has his ways of getting what he wants in a situation. We, as humanity, want to boast in saying how much we love God. Yet, God is saying to us, “Since you love me so much, you can show me by how much you love your brother. Yes, the one right there beside you.”

He makes sure that the job is done by having us submit to an earthly authority, man. In government, we have local authorities like police, teachers, employers, and even pastors. In our personal life, we have the authority of our parents and community leaders. Humanity has its problems with submitting to man’s authority, which is God delegated. The rebellion started way back with Lucifer, who said to God, “I will ascend higher than the throne of God.” Which was a big mistake, and he was cast out. The prophet Isaiah and Jesus both said, “I saw him fall like lighting to the earth.”

I know that you have heard me say it many times, I fear God more than man. And that is a true statement. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t submit to man’s authority, because I do. My Pastor would always say to me everything is a test, in the Kingdom of God.  This relationship from God is just that, a test. It is a true statement; so you can’t say that you love God, if you can’t or won’t love your neighbor or the one sitting next to you. Or even if you can’t or won’t submit to the delegated authority through man. Because when you choose to do so, you prove to Him/God that you are willing to obey him, and submit to his established delegated authority. Here’s an example.

A Lesson From Moses, Aaron and Miriam

Moses had a sister named Miriam and a brother called Aaron. She had an issue with her brother Moses’ authority. The reason we can tell is because she wouldn’t have said anything about him hearing from God. Her folly was when she said, “Don’t we hear God as well, the same as Moses.” Well, in this story, she gave us a very good example of what not to do, in the kingdom of God.

She, almost lost her life, when leprosy broke out all over her. Her mistake was, she thought she was calling her brother Moses on the matter. Oh no, she was calling God on his decision of the delegated authority he had given to Moses. And God called her on it, when she basically said, “We hear God just as good as Moses.” She was wrong. God said to her, when I speak to a regular Prophet, I speak to them in riddles, hidden speech, visions and dreams. But with Moses, I speak face to face. He was basically saying to her, do I speak to you face to face? Do you see the distinction? And her answer was, no. 

Again, He said pertaining to Moses, “When it comes to your brother Moses, I speak to him face to face. How did you not know to not touch my anointed one, when talking about him?”

Or he could have said, why did you not know not to talk bad about my delegated authority. And she broke out with Leprosy and she probably would have died, if her brother wouldn’t have been there to intercede for her. I am afraid to say that the Church and the world suffer many afflictions from the lack of knowledge and understanding of this revelation. And this shouldn’t be. My Pastors calls it, “needless casualties.”

It Doesn’t Have To Stay That Way

God Himself have placed in his Church delegated authority and it is the fivefold ministry.  God himself has placed it, not man. He uses man, but He places the mantle of authority on man to do the job. Now you know that a rebel is a rebel. Like Forest Gump would say, “A rebel is, what a rebel does.” In his voice, now that will make the point.

I know that most rebels have an excuse for their rebellion. Many suffer because of a deep wound in their past. My prayer is that all would come to know and receive this glorious grace while there’s still time. For on that Day, it won’t be good enough for anyone to keep on in their rebellious ways, which can lead to Hell. Christ has made a way of freedom for us.

We don’t have to stay mad, afraid, angry, hateful, unforgiving, insecure, rebellious, and all the other things that you go along with rebellion, unchecked and unrepented of before God. Christ has nailed it ALL to the cross. And we, mankind, have been set free! All we have to do is call upon and believe in the name of Jesus to receive Salvation.

There is freedom and deliverance available. It’s the good news of the Gospel. That’s why we won’t have an excuse at His judgement. Because God Himself will say, I sent you my only son, and he brought liberty to you.

If you’ve been snared by talking bad about your authority, repent right now and make it right before God. Know that we all must honor God and honor man to stay in right relationship with Him.

Did you receive this glorious grace yet? If so, I thank God for you and your service to God and his people. If not, jump in now, the water is fine.

In service to Christ,
Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

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