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Excel In Your Gift Of Serving

Readers Favorite: Excel In The Gift Of Serving

When was the last time you checked your motives for doing what you do in the Body of Christ? Not recent. That's o.k. most of us don't go there often. Read this & Excel In your gift of serving...


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Serve Wherever You're Called

The four head gatekeepers, all Levites, were in an office of great trust, for they were responsible for the rooms and treasuries in the house of God. 1 Chron. 9:23 TLB

Do you believe you have been called to serve? Great, because Father God has called YOU! It is a great honor to do what you have been asked to do. It means He trusts you with His sheep. You may be called as a pastor, a church leader, an assistant, an elder, an Armorbearer, an usher, a ministry leader or simply a helper in the local church. Of course, the list goes on but my point is leaders and helpers alike have been called to serve God. Wherever you have been called to serve, I encourage you to excel in your gift of serving.

Helpers, step out of your comfort zone. Strive to serve in those capacities that challenge you, stretch you, and make you grow. Serve even if it makes you uncomfortable for a season. Surprise a few people close to you by doing something for them they would not ordinarily expect from you. Find someone who needs your serving attitude and minister to them. In the ministry and attitude of serving, Jesus set the standard-serving the Father, serving others, and walking in humility.

Leaders don't reject your helpers because you see the wrong motive for the good they are doing. Be patient; accept all that come. Work with them where they are. Receive the level of commitment they have to offer. Your patience will give God the opportunity to work with their motives. Be mindful of the times you did the right thing for not quite the right reasons.

Even now after many years of serving God, I sometimes discover I am doing the right things for the wrong reasons. I thank God that He didn't disown me when I served with less than pure motives. Remember, He doesn't want to disown us with any other sin, either. But by His Holy Spirit, He gently shows us where we've gone wrong and the steps to correct it. By the way, have you checked your motives lately -- when it comes to serving others?

According to the writer of I Chronicles, those chosen to serve as gatekeepers of the House of God were selected based on their genealogies, family of Levites, and because of their reliability. Their appointed positions of trust continue to give us insight to what God requires in His New Covenant servants. They exemplified simple qualities that help us excel in our gift of service today:

Faithfulness. The Lord is faithful to the faithful. Did your ancestors serve God? If so, carry the torch in your generation. If not, start a record of faithfulness to God in your family. In earlier times, Phinehas, son of Eleazar, was in charge of the gatekeepers, and the Lord was with him. 1 Chron. 9:20

Reliability. We know that we can rely and depend on God. However, can He depend and rely on our service in His modem day House (Church)? They were chosen from their villages on the basis of their genealogies, and they were appointed by David and the prophet Samuel because of their reliability. 1 Chron. 9:22

Trustworthiness. One of the definitions of trust is 'responsibility resulting from confidence placed in one.' God has trusted us with His gifts and calling. We are responsible (like it or not) for what we do with them. Are we trustworthy of the confidence He has placed in us? The four head gatekeepers, all Levites, were in an office of great trust, for they were responsible for the rooms and treasuries in the house of God. 1 Chron. 9:23 TLB

Responsibility. If you are parents of teenagers, you often have to judge if your children are responsible enough to handle certain tasks. Our Father God is the same about us as His children. He will check to see how responsible we are with the small things of the Kingdom before He gives us the weighty tasks.

Know that how you handle the anointing you have now, will determine the level of anointing you will operate in tomorrow. Others were responsible for the furniture, the items in the sanctuary, and the supplies such as fine flour, wine, incense and spices. 1 Chron. 9:29 TLB

In our busy lives, it can be difficult to stay focused on our assignment from God. It is easy to lose sight of what should be the center of our attention. I have at different times, become too busy in the Lord.

Each time to regain my focus; I would go to the Lord to hear exactly what He called me to do or to discover what I agreed to because it sounded good at the time. Graciously, He would point to His best for me. Won't you join me, in allowing God's best for you to be your focus?

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