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Encountering Gods Presence


What happens when we encounter God’s presence? Do we fall; do we bow to our knees; do we cry or weep; or are we just silent? This is a serious question, I’m asking. Have you encountered Him, lately?  Have you sensed His presence? Would you know if He Jesus entered your room? I’m speaking of Jesus the person and the person of the Holy Spirit. Selah.  As you may know it (selah) rooted from Hebrew means to ponder, reflect, meditate or contemplate.

It seems like we have entered a season of God showing up with His presence like I’ve never seen before and it’s powerful. So for those who are experiencing it, the question still stands, what do you do? Do you just stand there like nothing is happening? Do you jump and shout; do you weep like I do or do you worship or are you silent? I believe they are all fine save one.

I think the Lords presence deserves a response. Have you ever thought why would He show or reveal His presence or His anointing? This is the answer, at least one of them. I believe His presence is what happens when He comes into a place. Like when Elijah was at the cave; then first came a blast of wind, then an earthquake, then a fire. (I Kings 19:9-21)

But the Word of God said it was God. But He was not in it. Meaning it was Gods abiding presence, His anointing, His power that goes before Him. In my imaginary mind, I can see Him and His presence like a hurricane. I can see the effects of His power, the strength, the wind and its broadness and vastness.

You will know when He is coming; when you see and feel its effect. Now trust me I have a true picture of God. In the Word of God it explains it very clear. But this is me trying to explain the King of the universe with a finite mind. It’s impossible. But I can imagine. Now the question is what do we do with His beautiful presence and power.

I say the same for fame in a smaller manner. In a like manner God has His glory and we have fame. What is it for or what should we do with it? We should give our fame to the Lord for His glory. I’m afraid if we don’t and we use it for our selfish gain; we stand to lose it. In the same way we shouldn’t use Gods glory and presence for selfish gain.

I hate to say it but I see it all the time, an anointed person using their gifts and even anointing for secular gain. I don’t want to sound critical but it’s hard to watch an anointed person perform a bad secular song. Maybe I should leave this alone. (smile)

So what do we do with His presence, His anointing and power? How do we respond? One way we respond is action in faith. That’s after we’ve cried, fell to our knees and worshipped, felt the goose bumps, we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit into service.

Remember, His presence empowers us, gives us boldness to witness, the courage to testify, lay hands on the sick, to preach the Gospel and to be a slave for Christ. It empowers us to become Kingdom builders. 

So this is my prayer that you attend a place of worship where the presence of the Lord is welcome. And you have a relationship with our Lord and Savior so much so when you seek His face, His presence shows up. And most importantly when you Worship His Presence shows up and gives you the Power to do what He has called you to do.

 In His Presence,
Rev. Varn E Brown Sr.

End Notes:

Exodus 24:1-18 Moses was called unto the Mount of the Lord…
Exodus 40:35 …and Moses was not able to enter the Tent of Meeting.

What did you think of today’s blog? Do you have a prayer request? Are you faithful and fruitful at your church? Please post your thoughts, comments or questions below in the comment box.

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tn004.jpgRev. Varn Brown and his wife Minister Earma Brown are Christian authors and ministers of the Gospel. Varn, author of A Devotion to Serve and Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation is an ordained second generation Baptist minister. He has served as an Armorbearer and a Helps Ministry Leader for nearly 17 years at Covenant Church, Carrollton TX. He is co-founder of Armorbearers International and Nasa Ministries. Varn and Earma live in Dallas, TX and have two adult children.

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