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Count Your Blessings 1 by 1

Count Your Blessing One By One

May I be honest? I've had some overcoming opportunities recently. How about you? I know these words of mine won't speak to everyone at everytime. But I believe there's some folks that have been pressing through challenges as well.

I've learned that if you are doing anything worth anything (you know that has Kingdom value), helping someone, tearing down the works of our will encounter resistance sooner or later. Serving in God's army, none of us are above our seasons of attacks, persecutions, wants, etc.

In fact, the Bible says in Mark  (the parable of the sower) trouble came because of the Word. But wait! Don't stop there, my little message is not all doom and despair. I've also learned to be content in good times and less than ideal times. God told us, "Don't be anxious for anything; but in everything through prayer and petitions with THANKSGIVING to make our request known unto Him (God).  His peace (the peace of God) that surpasses all understanding would guard our hearts and minds.

So, in the midst of any challenges I may be going through or you may be going through we can continue to pray, believe and cultivate a grateful heart. I'm learning to count my blessings one by one all over again. I say all over again; because its something I learned to do as a child. At ten, I taught my first Sunday school class.  I remember teaching them to count their blessings one by one, too.

We would start with our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our legs and so on. Of course, my scope has grown way beyond that as a child. I'm sure yours has too. But you get my point, as we travel through a troublesome season (whatever form it may be in) remember to count your blessings one by one. Cultivate a grateful heart and you'll discover or re-discover that Peace will guard your heart and mind through it all.

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