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A Devotion to Serve: Serve With A Gracious Spirit

A Devotion to Serve: Serve with a gracious spiritDo you realize you are an ambassador for Christ and your leader? Graciousness simply means to be kind, courteous, and compassionate. We should seek to serve our pastors, leaders and each with the attitude of love. I know it sounds like a girly term. But it's not. Remember gentleness doesn't sound that manly either. But gentleness means strength under control.

The opposite of graciousness is being militant. One of the definitions of militancy is being ready to fight. In the case of God's people, we are too ready to fight. I brought that up; because we've been noticing a disturbing trend across America-quite a few Armorbearer teams have setup with an out of balance militancy.

What I mean by that is as an Armorbearer, we naturally feel protective of our leaders and that's where some of the militancy flows from. And we should be protective in faith and prayer of our leaders, because we all know-the minute someone stands up to lead in Christ-they become a serious target of the enemy.
As the local church we have to adjust our thinking to dangerous times we live in. Many churches are requiring their armorbearers to go through at least a basic session with the security team on how to disarm and block a threat. Also, I know lots of churches have security team members that serve in dual roles or their armorbearer teams have developed out of a security team group.

But to bring balance to that or at least make you aware of an expanded role. We must begin to realize that in our position as an Armorbearer or just operating in the spirit of armorbearing we are just as much called to be an Ambassador for Christ and our leaders as we are to be protectors. As ambassadors, we are called to be gracious.

Let me give you an example that will bring that a little more clarity. Let's say Pastor has gone into his study and said "I need to spend a little quiet time." He has assigned one of his Armorbearers to monitor the door so he won't be disturbed. A person with out the perspective of love and being gracious would stand at the door & sling the sheep around saying, "Pastor's studying right now. Go away! Or I know you're one of pastor's deacons but you can't come in right now."

On the other hand, the one recognizing his calling as an ambassador would graciously say, "Pastor has requested that he not be disturbed. May I take a message to give him when he comes out?  Or he'll be out at this time; would you be able to come back then? That would be an example of graciousness: the spirit and attitude we are called to walk in as Ambassadors of Christ.

PRAYER: Father, grant me a more gracious (kind) spirit. Help me to represent you and my leader well and handle your sheep with a gentle spirit.

Prayerful Meditation: Let your speech at all times be gracious (pleasant and winsome), seasoned (as it were) with salt, (so that you may never be at a loss) to know how you ought to answer any one (who puts a question to you) Col 4:6 AMP

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Comments (5)

monique wheeler
Said this on 4-3-2012 At 03:50 pm
I have been a armourbearer many times but this time is especially hard for me my leader is awesome but her former armourer doesn't want to let go she armour bears the apostle and spends more time with my leader than i do she has had 6 or 7 yrs with her but im not getting what God has for me,I do work and have 2 kids she doesn't work and i recognized that in one of her cd's she said she had messed up not keeping her as an armour bearer but now that god has called me i don't think my leader wants me as her armour bearer really what do i do?
Said this on 3-1-2012 At 11:36 am
Thank you two for your wisdom in insight on the matter. it has help me in my walk as a armor bearer keep up the good work and continue to share the blogs
veretta smith
Said this on 12-14-2011 At 10:14 am
This is a must read to every Leader and especially ARMOUR BEARERS. This is the right attitude when it come to covering any leader The Evangelist
Said this on 12-13-2011 At 12:18 pm
I truly understand what you are saying here, I was watching TD Jakes this morning and to see his Armorbearers standing with their mean disposition, was quite disappointing to me. We must have the spirit of kindness and love, and we will get the respect of the people as we Sanctify our leaders in the eyes of the people.
Said this on 12-21-2011 At 07:19 pm
Hi Veretta & Lady Mary:

Thank you for your kind words and comments. We love it when you respond to our articles & post.

In reference to the comment about Bishop Jakes' armorbearers, don't be disappointed. Here's another perspective to consider, it may appear one way & be another. Bishop Jakes has a world wide ministry. Most of us don't know what it takes for his armorbearers and/or security to cover and facilitate their ministry and man of God. We do know it takes a different mindset and demeanor if the armorbearers were operating as both. One of our ministry trips was to a whole team of armorbearers that happened to be police officers as well.

On a personal note, we love Bishop Jakes & have served as armorbearers to our pastors while visiting Bishop Jakes & First Lady Serita. They have a beautiful ministry team.
Rev. Varn Brown & Minister Earma Brown

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