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5 Codes of Honor for Armorbearers

God's Honor Code - 5 Codes Of Honor For Armorbearers by Varn Brown, Sr.

This is an area of ministry that I haven’t spoken about yet. But I think about it a lot, observing armorbearers and servant leaders, some getting it right and some getting it very wrong. Earlier, I was so busy serving my leadership. Now, that the Lord has led me into broader paths for His Kingdom sake, I get to see the need of this topic, more clearly. Earma and I felt the Holy Spirit’s leading to teach on God’s honor code. So, you’ll be hearing from me and her in the coming weeks, as a new blog series.

The Conversation

Once I was doing a job for my leader. It was one of many that I got the privilege to do for him and the church. I knew in my spirit that the times were changing. It was weighing on my heart, things would begin to change and no longer be the same.

You see, I was growing up. God was allowing me to go to the next level of ministry that he had for my wife and I. So, back to the story, my pastor and I were doing a ministry job together. I spoke to him about my faithfulness and honor that I had toward him.

I said to him, “Pastor, I vow that I will never speak or do anything bad or wrong against you or your family.” Now, when I say this, I’m not suggesting that there was any need of me doing so, for their sake. I can truly say this, out of the thirty something years that I have been a Christian, I have never seen a greater man of integrity in my years of serving the Lord.  I truly want my ministry just like his. I want to be, personally, just like him. He is my spiritual father.

A Promise Made

There is a godly code that we all have to live by. One of them is, covering one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. Now for armorbearers, this is very important. It is crucial that we respect God’s honor code. Because, if we don’t the worst could happen. I know all of you want to be and are obedient children of God. But sometimes, our thinking gets off. For many of us, we don’t realize we’re even breaking the honor code.

Yet, you can learn from my experience and God’s word. We have many, examples in the word of God. For one, Elisha and Gehazi. Gehazi was serving his leader, but he got too familiar with the man of God. He began to misuse his position and second guess the Prophet’s decisions. Instead of Gehazi honoring his leader’s action toward Naaman, Gehazi did the opposite. When Naaman left, after receiving a word of the Lord from Elisha, Naaman tried to give him a gift. Elisha sent him a message to go and dip himself in the Jordan seven times. After doing so, he would come up clean of his Leprosy…It happened just as the prophet said. Naaman was grateful and wanted to give him gifts. Elisha said to him, now isn’t the time for receiving gifts.

So, Naaman asked if he could take himself some dirt so that he could pray on it and Elisha approved. Gehazi overheard the conversation and said to himself, my master is too easy on him.  He basically said, he should’ve made him pay something for that service. Now this proves that Gehazi didn’t believe or honor what his master said to Naaman. When he said, now is not the time for receiving gifts. Gehazi broke the honor code. As the story goes, he paid for it dearly, more about that later.

A Very Bad Idea

Gehazi said to himself, I will go after Naaman and tell him that the man of God changed his mind and that he wanted a gift, after all. But as you know Gehazi would be lying. When Naaman saw Gehazi he got off his horse and said to him did your master need something. Gehazi said to him, yes. He said, he changed his mind and told me to tell you, he could use some royal robes or anything else that you can come up with. Now here’s the big problem. His master is not called a Prophet for nothing. Elisha’s spirit is right there with him, seeing and hearing everything. So, Naaman gives the gifts and goes on his way.

Now here’s the very scary thing about rebellion, it opens the door for the enemy to come in and bring havoc. You see, that devil of Leprosy had to leave the faithful servant Naaman. He had to do just what the prophet told him to do. Naaman received the benefits because of it. I’m pretty sure that the enemy was upset about it. Then it happened the opposite for the rebellious servant Gehazi, because of his disobedience the Leprosy came upon him.

Gehazi’s Flaw

He gets back to his master and Elisha says to Gehazi, where have you been? Now, Gehazi has already hid the bounty in the house somewhere so that his master wouldn’t see It, well he thought his master wouldn’t see it.

Gehazi said to Elisha, oh just wandering around, just a little walk-about. Elisha said to him, “Did not my spirit go with you and see you take the robes from Naaman? I know I told you and him that this is not a season for receiving gifts.” And Elisha said to him, “Now the Leprosy that was upon Naaman shall come upon you.” And Gehazi left the prophet of God as white as snow for he was Leprous. And it did not have to be that way.

The Moral of This Story

At all cost, we must honor the men and women of God, our leaders and pastors. Even by chance that they are wrong, don’t dishonor or disrespect them for God keeps his fivefold gifts in his hand. And He knows just how to reprove and rebuke his shepherds, his servants, his leaders.  Here are “five of God’s honor codes” that we should apply to our lives:

Five of God’s Honor Codes

  1. Touch not God’s anointed. Even though Saul chased David all over the known world of their day. David’s confession was always; I will not touch whom God has anointed. Even while Saul was as wrong as he proved to be. David taught and led by example this honor code or ‘touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm.’
  2. Cover the man or woman of God. The covering principle is that we don’t uncover our leaders. We don’t expose their weakness or even sin. It doesn’t mean we don’t pray for them. It does mean, we don’t share their secrets. Noah was drunk and his sons came in on him while he was in this state. One of the sons walked in on his father and saw his nakedness and spoke of it disrespectfully. But two of the other sons took cover and walked in backwards without looking and covered the father’s nakedness. The son that spoke negative of his father drunkenness was cursed for his disobedient, disrespectful, dishonorable act. The two others were blessed.
  3. Guard your mouth. I see no evil, and speak no evil, plainly saying, I’m not going to be a gossip. I will only speak of my leaders with a good report. That is my vow before the Lord for my leaders, then and now. Never share their secrets. Don’t be a tale bearer. Even, be careful about sharing your negative opinion. Guard your mouth and keep God’s honor code.
  4. Intercede for your leaders by word and deed. Aaron and Hur used their strength to help their leader Moses by holding his hands up when he became tired. Moses being the leader of the Israelites, became weary as he carried out the will of the Lord. His orders were to lift the rod up over the battle. As long as he did, the battle was won. As soon, as he began to get tired and lowered the staff they began to lose. So Aaron and Hur had Moses sit on a rock. Aaron got one of Moses arms and Hur took hold of the other. They both supported the man of God in lifting his arms up high until the battle was won in victory toward the Lord. And so shall we. Armorbearing, is essentially, the lifting of the arms in support of our leaders and pastors.
  5. Never touch your leader’s glory. If you are very fortunate to serve under a great leader. You are a blessed person. But you should never try to get in on your leaders’ fame or glory. It’s God’s job to include you in on it, if it’s his will.  I’m a bit old school, the Lord always had Earma and I right in the middle of greatness. Back in the day, we would be like, my goodness! And you can know that for sure, we were not taking a bunch of selfies and pictures of everything and everybody. Because, we were such a stickler about this matter, we barely got the picture of us and Dr. Roberts, that you see on Armorbearers International website. It was not allowed; even though we were not told to ‘not do or to do.’ By the Holy Spirt, we knew that it was not a good idea. Only later, did we find out the Holy Spirit was setting a pattern for all the people that would learn about ‘armorbearing the right way – living by God’s Honor Code.’ So, be wise and consider what I am saying.  

If you allow these honor codes to function, they will set a beautiful precedence of blessings and excellent fruit in your life and future ministry. So, guard yourself well and live by God’s Honor Code.

Honoring God and man,
Rev. Varn E. Brown, Sr.

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