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Will You Transition to the Next Level

New Levels in God

Do you know what season you are in? Are you ready for the next level? Or are you leaving skid marks as Father God calls you to move on? In my life transition has usually meant change and change has meant an opportunity to use my faith. Webster calls it “the passing from one condition or place to another.” Sometimes I forget life is so seasonal unless it’s a difficult season and I’m ready for it to end. Then I remind myself often this too shall pass.  After all the Word of God says, “They shall go from strength to strength…” Psa. 84:7

Rev. Rod Parsley acknowledges Dr. Lester Sumrall as his mentor, many times repeating the advice to him as a young minister to others, “Know your seasons as the chosen of God. There are seasons of receiving, serving and ministering.” I’ve learned if we recognize our seasons with God, we are better able to cooperate with His plan and purpose for our lives.

I enjoyed my serving season as an armorbearer. I remember saying if God has called me to do this the rest of my life I would be pleased. Even while saying this, I could hear a quiet voice remind me that I have never quite been able to get comfortable for too long. Change always would come that required my faith. Maybe you are like that too. Mature Christians know that one day God will call them to the next level which brings me to my earlier question. Are ready for your next level in God?

There are probably hundreds of Armorbearers at this place of transition. Consider this what if King David had not been willing to become King? Or Joshua had not been willing to go to the next level as leader of God’s people into the Promised Land? What if Pastor Timothy had enjoyed being mentored by the Apostle Paul so much that he couldn’t see himself going to the next level of what God had called him to do? Before my serving season ended, I had never heard or read anything about the season of transition in the Ministry of Helps.

1 Samuel 16-13 Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brethren; and the spirit of the lord came upon David from that day forward. David was anointed, for one day he would be King and soon after that he became Saul’s Armorbearer.

My point is in the five fold ministry there is the ministry of helps; you may be operating as an armorbearer in the ministry of helps but in your anointed gift of helps may be residing the ministry of a prophet. Who but God controls the timing when it shall come forth?

I would always say jokingly to my Pastor “Lord forbid I should ever have to leave you.” In the Old Testament David went from armorbearer to King and Joshua went from assistant to receiving Moses mantle. Armorbearer comes from the Hebrew word Nasa and assistant comes out of the same root word so Joshua operated as an Armorbearer.
How can we know when the Holy Spirit wants to take us to the next level?  We can know by the same Holy Spirit that delivered God’s call to us.

Romans 8:14 For as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of god.

Act 13:2 As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted the Holy Ghost said, “Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.

So we see the Holy Spirit is in charge. He shows us how He wants us to move and it’s not by our personal feelings. I use to always wonder why God was going to kill Moses. Yes Moses.

Exodus 4:24 and it came to past by the way in the inn that the lord met him, and sought to kill him.

Moses did a lot of complaining with reasons why he could not get the job done but the Lord convinced him. It shouldn’t take that much for us to yield to God’s will; we should be willing to be led by his leading! 
The ministry of helps is at the latter part of the list of the five fold ministry in

1 Cor. 12:28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

I believe that leaves a large area for growth and promotion.  I know that I’m not the only one that God has called to go through a transitional season in life. So, if you are there or recently there I encourage you in your obedience and willingness. It’s not always an easy choice to go to the next place in God but He is always faithful. Remember, the faithful seeds that you have sown in your leader’s life will come back to you many-fold if you decide to “go to the next level.”


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Comments (6)

Said this on 6-15-2013 At 05:08 am
Thanks for this article, it is very thought and prayer provoking. Transition can be a very trying time but like the bible says it is better to obey God rather than man. I really enjoy being a behind the scenes person working in the ministry of helps. Pray that I am willing and obedient so that I can indeed eat the fruit of the land. Thanks for this great ministry tool and I pray that God will continue to use you for the up building of His kingdom
Said this on 7-16-2012 At 10:39 am
Thanks for this message. This is why my life has been so hard lately. I need to go to the next level. I am serving a great man of God. God has given him wisdom on ministry . And I believed that have spilled over to me. At times I feel chosen by God to move so I can recieve more from God. The Lord show me things asisuation in symbols and visions. But, fear come and I back off, thinking it is to hard..are, I am not call to this. But I know he is chosen me to do and get more in him. Higher height and deeper depths.How can this gift in me come forth like it should and No one in the church function in this area, How can I be train in this area? Its like I am a MATH student in a reading class and I need more. HELP! But I know I hear God voice. I know it will soon be time to leave from where I am to get what God has for my family and I. I know where I am in God not trying to preach yet,or even start a church just want to be in the right place in God and I am not satisfied spiritually. It has also been a fight to let go of what I do for my leader. How do I let go and move on? Dont want to dissapoint him or let go but I realize obeying God is a must. Please help me in this area.
Said this on 6-6-2009 At 09:35 pm
Thank you for this article. I have served my First Lady as unto the Lord for 11 years. I have sensed for about the past year or so, that it was time to be promoted, but this promotion would require a big move. It has recently been confirmed. As I covered my meeting with her ahead of time in prayer, this article has helped me to further confirm I am on the right path. Thank you for your outstanding ministry.
lorie j swarts
Said this on 6-5-2009 At 08:50 am
Thanks for this article - I have been an Armorbearer for 5 years now for my pastor and the Holy Spirit has led me to do other things as well and I have wondered if He was leading me into different areas and I was feeling guilty about it. Now I know I can feel ok about the other things He wants me to do while still concentrating on my pastor. I know its not time to leave her yet. If it does come time to leave her I know I can depend on the Holy Spirit to lead me in such a way.
Thanks for your ministry

Lorie J. Swarts
Said this on 6-5-2009 At 01:01 am
Praise God

Am delighted to meet this article because it makes me know that i have followed the right channel that God wants me to tune and receive a signal that keeps me more alert on sharing this subject to members of the congregation that i minister in kenya.

Psalms 23:1 david reveals that as long as we let God be our shepherd will be in the right place and will get the right food.

my way of knowing the right food is any time i am studying on a certain topic becames the order of that moment, is like every place i turn the same message comes in different ways

God Bless
Said this on 6-4-2009 At 12:05 pm
Thanks for this message. This is why my life has been so hard lately. I need to go to the next level. I have served a mighty woman of God. God has given her so many gifts. And I believed many have spilled over. I am already call to ministy God word. The Lord show me things and sisuation in dreams. But, fear come and I back off, thinking it is to hard..are, I am not call to this. But I know he is calling me to more in him. Higher height and deeper depths. WOW!!!! I keep wanting man to approve me in the call ahead. But I know I heard God voice. You have help me a whole in this article. It has also been a fight to let go of what I do for my leader. How do I let go and move on? I didn't say leave the church. Please help me in this area.

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