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I Dare You to Stay Faithful!

God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which you have shown toward His name. –Hebrews 6:10. 

Impulsive yet faithful, focused yet sometimes double-minded, passionate but often presumptuous, all described an assistant of Jesus. When Jesus prophesied to His helpers and disciples that they would all forsake Him in His hour of trial, that young assistant, Peter, spoke the loudest, “Never! I will die with you, Lord!” Jesus, recognizing the passion and presumption in Peter, turned to him saying, “Peter, before the rooster crows the third time, you will have denied Me three times.” It happened just as Jesus said it would. It’s also recorded when Peter turned back, he strengthened his brothers. Peter continued through his failures to the fulfillment of his ministry. God counted him among the faithful.11

I sometimes see myself in Peter. Perhaps you see some of his human nature and tendencies in yourself. Remember when we were children and someone came up to you saying, “I dare you…” For me it didn’t matter who it was friend or foe those words started my blood to boil and I had to complete the dare. Of course, as the word got around that characteristic did not serve me well. In fact, it got me in a lot of trouble until I finally learned better. Well this is a good dare. I charge you with a dare to be faithful in your service to a faithful God. Join me in a mission to develop faithfulness in our lives, commitments, and ministry.

All over the world churches, businesses, and organizations are looking for faithful people, people that will sign up for the long-term. The number of faithful seems to drop to lower and lower amounts. As time passes, the numbers of marriages remaining faithful are fewer. People are known to have two and three careers in a lifetime, as opposed to the twenty and thirty year tenures. Much of this has to do with the changing climate of our society. My opinion is the abounding sin in our nation and world today has an even greater impact. Yet, there’s hope for this bleak picture, the writer of Romans says, where sin abounds that much more does grace abound.1 Furthermore, our Father God has given us the ability and the command to be faithful.

Satan is an enemy to our faithfulness. He hates it when we are faithful. I think because it reflects a faithful God to a faithless world. Therefore, it is no surprise when he sets traps and distractions to draw us from our God-ordained path. In our case, he wants to divert us from our path of service. Beware of these baits and traps of Satan:

Offenses are the bait of Satan to get one off the path of faithfulness in God. Faithfulness resists offenses. Satan will seek to trap you in unforgiveness toward a person. However, remember we always have a choice; we can be offended or forgive. Forgiveness is the right choice. Be alert to this trap because most people that have been trapped do not even realize it. Stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, for He will point out any baits of Satan making sure you are aware to make the right choice.

Pride can be very subtle in its diversion. I found myself listening to a woman confessing her discovery of pride in her life. She admitted to saying to her leader, “I have a degree in engineering and I am not going to continue in my volunteering in the Church if all you have for me to do is collating and copying.” She later repented and continued faithfully helping wherever she was needed. When we are attentive to the Holy Spirit and careful to judge ourselves concerning pride, we will never be on the outside of the call and destiny God has planned for us.

Laziness and selfishness are twin enemies to the development of God’s faithfulness in our life. Allowing negative emotions and feelings to dictate our behavior rather than commitment will result in laziness. “I don’t feel like it tonight. My leader will just have to make it without me…” is a common and selfish train of thought. When our fleshly desires threaten to rise up and take control, we are to offer a living sacrifice of our bodies.5 Then we will rise to the level of commitment we are called to as faithful servants of the most high God.

Impatience is a sure enemy to faithfulness. My friends who I mentioned in an earlier chapter grew weary of waiting for their appointed leader to acknowledge their gifts and talents. They felt they should have been recommended for leadership. They did not want to hear my advice of, “I’m sure it will happen in God’s timing. You are excellent candidates for leadership…” They replied, “Posh! God already knows about us and we are giving our leader six months to recognize us; if not, we are out of here.” Their leader did not, and they left. Later, they came back, admitted they were wrong, and should have waited. The writer of Hebrews encourages us with, “You have need of patience, and so after you have done the will of God you may receive his promise.” 6

God’s faithfulness is our shield and rampart.7 Yet, He has commanded His ministers (those entrusted with the secret things of God) to be faithful.8 Jeremiah put it this way, “God is looking throughout the land to find someone with their heart fully committed to Him to show Himself strong on their behalf.” Here are a few qualities that will nurture faithfulness in your life and ministry:

Develop loyalty—Form a covenant relationship with your leader. Doing so will create an allegiance that will move heaven and earth on behalf of others and yourselves.9

Perseverance—The storms of life will come to any ministry. The writer of Joshua describes a scene during Joshua’s life and ministry. The people of God were wavering in their decision to serve God wholeheartedly. Joshua put a clear choice before them saying, “Choose this day whom you will serve. Choose life or death.”10 Determine like Joshua when tough times came to their ministry, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Love much—Years ago, I was on my knees crying to my God because two good friends who started out faithful at the same time I did had backslidden in their Christianity. I was distraught because I wondered if they could go back, perhaps something could happen and I would go back to a life of sin. With tears, I said, “Lord, don’t ever let me go, I love you so much…” He comforted me and gave me peace with these words, “Many have come, some will go, but you will stay.” Let love be your reason for faithfulness.

Faithfulness can be considered as longevity. Faithfulness is staying for the long haul. Fulfilling our commitment accomplishes faithfulness. It takes courage to be faithful. It takes stamina to swim upstream when many are drifting downstream. God honors faithfulness in any service to Him. Buddy Bell, in his Ministry of Helps handbook says, “God called my faithfulness—my crowbar, and then commanded me to use it.” 2 Our God is one who remembers the righteous and faithful to a thousand generations.

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This is a beautiful article, may I use some of it in my new book, Esther or Delilah, in a chapter on faithfulness?

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