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Careful! Don't Touch My Anointed!

God Appoints Leaders and Supporters

Study Note: Varn and I did this study together. So it's on the lengthy side. It was fun and I believe it will bless you if you take the time to read it. Now you know what to do. Print this article out, get comfortable and let's open the Word of God together. --earma

Careful Touch Not My Anointed! By Varn and Earma BrownI couldn't believe it. Pastor just threw some paper at me. I knew instantly what he was communicating to me. I zipped my lip and went back to what I call my professional silence (quiet in spirit). You see, it was Sunday morning and the associate and assistant pastors were still arriving.

     Forgetting who and where I was (Armorbearer on post) for a moment; I told a joke that drew a loud outburst of laughter from First Lady and other people in the room. So Pastor balled up some paper and threw it at me. This was quite a few years back now but it brings our attention to what Earma and I believe God prompted us to teach about this month.

     In earlier Bible Study articles, we have encouraged you to grow in godly relationship as a leader with your supporter(s) and as a supporter with your leader(s). This is all good. During the course of relationship, you are sure to grow, get comfortable around each other and become familiar. But there is a relationship growth (familiar) and then there is a sin of familiarity. Our enemy the devil seeks to draw us (the Body of Christ) into the sin of familiarity. Remember his age-old purpose is to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10.) He's looking to defame our leaders, undermine authority and ultimately cause us to lose respect.

     Stay with us now! I can hear someone saying, "Where do they come up with these ideas? What does telling a joke have to do with the sin of familiarity?" We get them from the Holy Spirit…we can't cover this subject in detail in the setting of this article. But keep reading and trust me; it will come clear. You may even end up checking your life to see if you have become too familiar in areas. I know I did.


Varn: Webster Dictionary's definition of familiar is friendly or intimate. The second definition is too friendly or unduly intimate. The third for familiarity is free and intimate behavior.

     I believe the Lord has put this topic on our heart because I can almost guarantee every Armorbearer that serves has dealt with this attitude. Which if not kept in check can get out of hand? I teach this with a lot of experience. To this day I still have to keep pride and the (sin of familiarity) under my feet.

     My current role as an Armorbearer to my Pastor is: almost every project he works on he has me there helping. We work together on his personal projects, house and church carpentry to landscaping. One of my passions is landscaping. For example, I plant a couple thousand tulips for him and our first lady every year.

     The reason I'm giving you these examples is to show you I am very familiar with my Pastors and I have had many lessons on familiarity. It is ok to be familiar but it is of most importance to know when not to be familiar. I hope you can hear me and don't have to learn this principle the hard way. But if you do you won't forget it. 

     We are aware some leaders operate in many functions. Some Armorbearers and assistants may also operate in dual roles as Associate/Assistant Pastor or Elders. Even so, the servant-leader position that I am talking about should always be sensitive to when or when not to be familiar.


Earma: The Holy Spirit has been teaching us about why God gives us fame and even authority. I believe one of the main reasons God gives us fame is so that the people of God will (look up to us) follow. In the words of Apostle Paul, as leaders - follow me as I follow Christ. God has ordained and set up authority. He has made some of us leaders and some of us followers. Even the devil and his kingdom operate by an authority chain.

     The sin of familiarity will try to make it seem like everyone is on the same level. Through criticism and disrespect it will seek to defame a leader. It happens in our homes, our churches and organizations. I see it running rampant in our teen-agers today. I overheard a teen saying to his Mom and Dad, "You aren't doing a good job as parents. You can't tell me what to do anymore…" But wait! It's not just the teens that this sin seeks to rule.

     How about as church members? Have you heard anyone say, "Pastor, doesn't know what he's talking about! Who does he think he is? He puts his pants on the same way everyone else does…" I know none of you would be guilty of this one. But when was the last time you heard someone saying, "Don't tell anyone but this is what I heard about Pastor, she did…."

    No, I'm not saying your Bishop, Pastor or even Elder is God but they have been given authority and responsibility for you as a part of the flock. He/She have been commissioned to feed, equip and mature the saints.

1 Thessalonians 5:12, 13 And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake. Be at peace among yourselves.

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Said this on 10-2-2012 At 01:16 pm
Thank you and God Bless You. This message CAREFUL! DON'T TOUCH MY ANOINTED came through to me when only God know I needed to read this message. I know this message was designed and delivered to me inspired personally from God's Holy Spirit. This message really touched the core of my soul. I thank God for your ministry.



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