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Diverse By God's Design

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Armorbearer Training Series eMail Workshop V:
Core Value Series
- Diverse By God's Design
by Varn and Earma Brown

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I hope you'll join us in this Bible study. Varn and I have been Helps ministers for over 17 years, and since 2002 I've been conducting Internet Bible studies. We enjoy the privilege of teaching God's people all over the world from many different denominations and faith traditions. You're welcome to browse our web site to learn more about us and what we believe, if you like.
-- Earma Brown, Director

Have you been looking for an easy way to further impart the spirit of servanthood to your leadership and support teams? The Core Value Series: Diverse By God's Design is a seven lesson interactive eCourse designed to encourage and inspire leaders and supporters in embracing God's diverse attitude and heart in the local church for all genders, all races and all stations of people.

Modules: 7
Duration: 7 weeks (ideal) or self-paced
Delivery: email & web-based
Availability: Begin the course anytime

If this is your first time to take a course in the Armorbearer Coach Series, take a look at our testimonial page and read what others are saying about our material.

Course Outline

Title: Core Value Series - Diverse By God's Design
based on Core Value Series of feature articles previously hosted on this website

Lesson 1: Humility Comes Before Honor
Lesson 2: Diverse By Design
Lesson 3: Draw a Bigger Circle!
Lesson 4: Still SERVE as Leader
Lesson 5: God's Generosity God's Way
Lesson 6: God's Generosity God's Will
Lesson 7:I'm Tired of Holding the Cup; I'm Ready To Rule

Testimony: My name is Fraser. I live in Newfoundland, Canada and attend a Congregational church in the town of Gander. I am an Elder there and feel the desire to be as helpful to my Pastor as possible. I feel this Armorbearer study will help me do that. Shalom.

Here's how we'll study together.

  • Every 7 days, I'll e-mail you the lesson for the week. Then you'll read the lesson and any related Bible passages and use my notes to help you understand it better.
  • Within each lesson, you'll receive a couple questions or more from that week's lesson to think about and answer. This is designed as a "interactive" approach to Bible study, since I believe God wants to use it to bring real change in your life through the word of God.

    This way, you'll be thinking about these principles consistently for over the 7 weeks -- long enough for God to work his Word into your life and lifestyle.

  • You can respond to the questions using the Equipping the Saints Bible Study Forum -- and read others' answers to reinforce your own understanding.
  • Each 5th day of that week, I'll e-mail you the link to a 10-20 minute audio teaching that sums up the lesson you've been studying that week. Additionally, we'll include the list of questions for review. Some who learn better from hearing than from reading really appreciate this.

Then on the 7th day, I'll send you the next week's lesson.

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Enroll today! You'll receive the first lesson in a few days. The class officially started but you can still sign up. There is no cost to participate in the study, though partners are welcomed and encouraged so we can create more studies and reach more people. We respect your privacy and never sell or rent our lists.

We encourage you to not sign up for more than one of my Bible studies. We don't want to create information overload. It's more effective if you do one at a time. Also, please don't sign up for your friends; let them sign-up for themselves. If you handle it this way, it will keep things simple and keep us out of the spam accusations.

Yes, please sign me up for the 7-week "Diverse By God's Design " online Bible study. I understand that this also subscribes me to the Armorbearer Coach Newsletter. I agree to abide by the Equipping the Saints Bible Study Forum Guidelines.




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