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Dear Servant Leader:

Click this book to send for devotional book today! Are you looking for a way to revive and refresh your service in God? Start with Varn and Earma's In the Spirit of Armorbearing Devotional Book: 52 Insightful Lessons .

The In the Spirit of Armorbearing devotional book is a devotional journal designed to reinforce the spiritual precepts presented in the original In the Spirit of Armorbearing book. There are a couple of pages for each week of the year with a Bible verse, a short devotional reading and a space for your own thoughts and reflections.

Its interactive format invites you to trace your journey toward a closer relationship with God and your leaders. The readings are filled with truths gleaned from the Brown's (A Devotion to Serve) columns and book ministry. The book is written with character, passion and practical insight.

Developing a devotion to serve requires discipline and commitment?a real call from God. The In the Spirit of Armorbearing Devotional Book is a unique guide for helping you refresh and revive your spiritual service to God and your daily life.

Order your copy today! (52 inspiring devotionals)

You may use this devotional book as your personal quiet time aid. Yet, since helps and armorbearing is all about working with people, we encourage you to use it in your classes or groups so that you can build relationships as well. Remember you can order a copy for your personal devotion time or send for a set of books for your class and receive them in the mail. Click here to order today!

In the Spirit of Armorbearing devotional book? Click below to begin today:

You can purchase this book either as an e-book or a paperback.

  • E-book format, $12.99 (now available). You purchase the e-book and can download it within minutes. You can read it on your computer (PC or MAC) in PDF format if you like, or print out a single copy on your printer.
  • Paperback (Order today now available) $11.99 + s/h Ships within 72 hours. The book is a trade quality paperback 6" x 9" creme paper, shipping weight 8 oz.
  • Small Group Study License or Reprint License, $24.99 $19.97 per small group up to 25. One license is required for each additional small group you plan to use it for beyond the initial book you purchased. This (small group license) reprint license prohibits sale of the book to individuals outside of your 1 small group or class.
  • Outside U.S., please click here to order.

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